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How To Increase Work Productivity


Whether you’ve been kicking ass your job for twenty years or you are just starting out a new career we have some simple, effective, easy tricks you can do to increase your work productivity. This article will be best for those who feel like there is not enough time in the day, always feel behind, are feeling stressed and / or just want to get more out of their work day.   Keep your heads up guys, we’re about to open up a can of knowledge on ya.

How To Increase Work Productivity  

1. Take Breaks

Say what??? Yes. Believe it or not but if you try to work 8, 6, even 3 hours straight you will make mistakes. You will get drained. No human can be as effective as they are in hour 1 vs hour 8. It’s not possible. We get tired. We get drained. We get distracted.

What you need to do is schedule in a few breaks here and there to recharge. Don’t go overboard with these breaks fifteen minutes here and there is all you really need.

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2. Just Say NO To Meetings

It is a fact that over 50% of meetings are a complete waste of time. This is the result of poor management and leadership not knowing how to run effective meetings. Sadly, meetings are always around and a must in the workplace.

I knew a company that spends over 30 hours a month in meetings. Guys, that’s almost a full week. Sorry to say this, but stop talking and get to work. You’ll get more done.

If you have the chance to skip out on a meeting do so.

3. No More Multitasking  

I get it, there are a hundred and one things you need to do and they were due yesterday. You’re behind and you’re juggling everyone and their mother to catch up. Stop it.

Start you day by making a list. Get through that list. Set realistic goals and give those goals your full attention. Do not go overboard trying to manage multiple projects at once. Just work on one project at a time. Give it your full attention.

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4. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

For the most part, jobs / careers have certain elements that turn into routines. For instance, meetings. You know they will come up. There’s no way around that. What else is there no way around? Monthly reports? Phone calls? What tasks can be automated?

Get ahead of this. What can you build a template for to reduce wasted time and increase inefficiency? You’d be surprised how much time a template can save you.

5.   Track Your Work

After you walk in the office and make that to-do list write down how long it takes you do check off tasks. Do this for a good week then go back and reflect. Where are you spending the most time? Why are you spending the most time there? Use this data to find flaws in your process and improve your productivity.

6. Stop Aiming For Perfect

Nothing will ever be perfect. It just won’t. There will always be that extra thing you wish you could have done. Get it good enough and launch it. You can always fix things on the fly. You can always upgrade later. A lot of times we see clients stuck in this illusion of perfection that they don’t really need. The bar isn’t as high as you make it out to be. This isn’t to say turn in poor work. This is to say, know your work. Know when it’s good enough to pass it on.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. You have 24 hours in a day — make the most of them. Don’t get dragged down or feel discouraged if life isn’t where you want it to be. You have options. If something is not right, change the situation or change yourself. Let us know how we can help increase your work productivity, check out our resources at