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How To Get More Reach Out Of Podcasts


Some of the best content online is in the form of Podcasts. To produce a Podcast seems in easy, right? You just talk for a bit and throw it online. When you get to the nitty gritty of it, you realize you MAY need to audio gear around $50, the files need to live somewhere, and if you’ll need to get over stage fright. The feeling you get when you know people are watching. In this case, being recorded can mess with some people’s minds. Unlike blogging, Podcasts aren’t everywhere. The content is limited. Today we’re going to talk about how a business can leverage Podcasts.

How to Get More Reach Out Of Podcasts  

1. Sponsor Another Podcast

You actually don’t have to create a Podcast to have a voice on them. If your brand has enough funds, reach out to a few Podcasts related to your niche and ask them what their sponsoring policies are. You may be surprised what you can get.

A perfect example, we’ve had conversations with a Podcaster who had over 20,000 followers both for her Podcast and social media. When I asked how much it would cost to Sponsor a Podcast she came back to me with a better idea — $120 for 18 minutes of Airtime as an interview guest. If you’re not camera shy, this isn’t a bad deal.

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2. Be a Guest on Shows

All you have to do is identify Podcasts in your niche, who’s running them then fire off an email to them asking to be a guest on their show. People are always looking for content, so we recommend within this outreach having at least three concepts at hand that would fit for their Podcasts. This may mean you or someone on your staff will have to listen to their Podcast a bit to know what subjects are a good fit for them. But the strategy is solid.

3. Create Your Own Podcasts in Seasons  

It’s human nature to find excuses NOT to do something. Not to throw out the trash, run that extra mile, launch a Podcasts. There will always be something else in the way. The way around this is to plan to record one season worth of a Podcast. How many episodes would that be? Depends on your brand. It’s your time. A good rule of thumb is to have more than 8 episodes in the bank.

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Okay, so you recorded a Podcasts now it’s time to run through the checklist to make sure you have SEO optimized the crap out of it.

STEP 1: Transcribe the Podcast

Hire someone on Craiglist to listen to the Podcast and write out what is said. Put that description in the bio.   It’ll help your SEO.

STEP 2: Have Fun With The Transcription  

This is next level. If you have a creative writer on your team, instead of transcribing the dull recording, make it bad ass. Give it a voice of its own. Most people only read the first 3 paragraphs in those summaries anyway. Provide value. Something they can take away that is beyond what they are about to listen too.

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STEP 3: Measure. Repeat. Measure.

Everything you do needs a value assigned to it. Make sure to place some goals you want to reach no matter what part of the Podcast world you are planning on being a part of. As long as you measure it, you’re in good hands. Also, having benchmarks will help you decide what to do next time and what not to do.

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PS. The reason we’re diving into Podcasts today is because we’re talking to a few industry giants about launching our own Podcast series in the not too distant future. We’re excited about it. Like always when we come across brands who have questions about how to do XYZ we have no problem sharing that info with ya. Stay tuned and if you want to learn more about us please reach out at