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How To Convert Likes Into Dollars

Instagram Likes

At the end of the day are you posting for likes or revenue? Every person out there knows the importance of social media and their brand but there is a fine line between being on social media and having a social media presence. After chatting with a few clients about Instagram strategies I felt compiled to write a little cheat sheet piece on how to kick ass on Instagram and use these tips to convert likes into dollars.

3 Things You’re Not Doing on Instagram That YOU SHOULD.

  1. Geo-Tagging

Think of the internet like outer-freaking-space. Currently, the human race is dumping a bunch of content out there. Everything from videos, to podcasts, to web pages, to this blog right here. As you know there is no gravity in space. Which means all that content just drifts into the vast abyss… unless you have a helping hand.  When it comes to Instagram Geo-Tagging is the NUMBER ONE tool users always forget.

What is GEO-Tagging?

It gives your content a home location. If we were in space it would be a beacon for others in your area to swing by. It’s free to use. It’s the section right under when you leave a catch phrase that asks in bold letters, “Add Location.”

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We’ve all missed it. No shame in that. Hiding things in plain sight is the best place to hide them, right? If you’re a local business owner you need to be doing this. Geo-tagging your images will first be shown to prospects in your area, before drifting off to space.

  1. Your Logo

Instagram is a mobile platform. Users see content on their phone. Very rarely do they take note of the user who posts content. Go one extra step and brand your content with a logo / website / phone number — SOMETHING.

Make it easy for prospects to find you. You don’t want to post something, have it blow up on Social Media and not have your name on it. You want to try to brand everything you do, as much as you can. It’s good for business.

We also recommend doing some tests. We test everything we do. Which means test different types of logos, different colors, images with logos versus images without. Let the data guide you to the promise land, my friends.

  1. Instagram Hashtags

A hashtag is a stamp  that makes it easy for prospects to find what you’re posting. The trick is, you need to use hashtags that prospects are looking for and / or tagging themselves.

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For now, Instagram has a rule where you can use up to 30 hashtags on every post you have so you have some leverage here. Don’t shy away from them. Basically, leads need to find you right? Hashtags are a huge factor in them finding you.

What is the difference between being on Social Media and having a Social Media presence?

Being on social media means you have social accounts. These accounts are linked up to your website. You don’t do any heavy marketing because honestly you’re not ready to believe in the power of social media. Even though over 2 billion people are on Facebook…yep. Just saying BELIEVE.

Having a social media presences means you engage on social media. You either post regularly and bank on organic traffic OR you are leveraging ads to get the word out about your brand. Typically when you post, followers engage.

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How To Convert Likes Into Dollars

Ever hear of the 8/10 rule? It basically goes like this, you post 8 things of value for others and 2 to promote your brand. When it comes to Instagram and really any form of social media this rule is a must. If all you ever do is sell followers they will turn you off and if all you do is share awesome content you’re missing out on big bucks.

BONUS TIP — Instagram Ads

Facebook recently bought Instagram. Not a lot of businesses are leveraging this new marketing channel, but it exists. You should get on this because right now the competition is VERY LOW.

-Treehouse 51

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