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How Niche Sites Make Passive Revenue


Ever wonder what those people on TV were talking about when they mentioned making over $2,000 online? Or maybe you did a Google Search one day surrounding, “Easy, Fast, Money” and saw these sites that claim they make bank every day, week and/or month. But how is that possible? You’ve seen these sites. They look dated. Their content appears thin. They have a ton of links and ads. How are they bringing in revenue? Good question. Today we’re going to dive into how niche sites make passive revenue and how you can leverage this strategy for your brand.

What is a Niche Site?

A niche site is any website that is 85% more focused on one subject in EVERY part of their structure. This means the domain name, meta tags, copy, images, and so on. The focus of these sites surrounds one topic aka niche.

How Niche Sites Make Passive Revenue

If you follow this formula you too can leverage a niche site and bring in passive revenue.

Step 1: Find Your Niche

Whatever website you are thinking of building it needs to be specific. It needs to have low competition in Google Adwords against other marketers but high enough search traffic to bring in that organic traffic.

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For instance, our website could be called “Best Funeral Services HQ.” I know, it’s not the funnest subject, but the market need for this exist. I’ve also included a popular modifier “Best” to give it that extra edge for SEO purposes.

Step 2: Throw Your Keyword EVERYWHERE

From the domain name to the focus of your pages. The niche keyword MUST be everywhere. Everything you produce has to have this keyword.

How do you make this work? I probably should have mentioned you’re going to want to love whatever niche you pick because you will need to create around 300 pages of content featuring this subject.

Step 3: Create Basic Value  

One objective of this website is to have search engines believe your niche site, “Best Funeral Services HQ” is an authority on the subject. You will need those 300 pages to back up what you’re doing. Only a crazy person would make a website 300 pages or more that they didn’t care about right? Maybe.

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Every page should reach around 500 words and should be optimized to the full extent of your abilities. Now, you don’t need to go out of your way developing this website but it should be mobile friendly. The color scheme and design can be basic.

Step 4: Affiliate Programs  

The main objective of niche sites isn’t to keep traffic on your website it’s to send them away. In step 3 we attracted the organic searchers. In this step, we are sending them away leveraging affiliate programs like Amazon.

Using Amazon as an example: If you have affiliate links on your website and a prospect goes from your website and clicks on a link they have about 24 hours to make a purchase. If they make a purchase within those 24 hours you get a cut.

Step 5: Point it all back to your Brand

You can do this, but it will take time to build and setup. However once it’s setup all you have to do is set back and let it bring in revenue. It’s not a bad way to make passive income. It does require a lot of upfront work. But it’s completely feasible. In theory, if you execute this strategy and bring in consistent traffic you can and should have a link pointing back to your website. This will increase your website equity in the eyes of search engines.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. Why are we talking about passive income and niche sites? Our team is developing a Podcast and in one of our episodes we break down the King Of Passive Revenue Pat Flynn in which he successfully has created not one but TWO niche sites that to this day bring him passive revenue. The Podcast will be coming soon, but we wanted to share the value now for those interested in giving this a shot. If you’re looking for more pointers on how to set this up feel free to visit