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How Does Google Determine My Local Ranking? | Treehouse 51

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How Does Google Determine My Local Ranking?


Before you rule the world you should be rockstars at home. I mean that in every sense of the word. Where a lot of brands fall short is going mainstream too quickly. They throw a huge net across the US and expect results. This isn’t easy to do. It’s not impossible. It’s just not easy guys.   A better way is to rank locally then after you dominate that area go mainstream. But how the heck does Google determine your local ranking? Excellent question! Today we’re going to dive into the answers.

How Does Google Determine My Local Ranking?

If you haven’t already done so please check out our guide section on our website. We have a crapload of guides that dive into heavy topics like this you will find value in. For instance, —->  The Ultimate Google Ranking Factor List  poke around this guide, it will open your eyes to over 200 Google Ranking Factors.

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What Local Factors Does Google Look At?  

1. Distance  

When someone searches for let’s say, “Fast OC, SEO Services” their distance from you plays a huge rule in search results. Makes sense right? If you are in OC looking for these results it doesn’t make much sense to show you a company in San Fransico, does it? Google doesn’t think so either.   Google wants people using their platform to have the best possible service in the world. Things like user experience are huge in their eyes, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t pop up right away.

2. Customer Reviews

Next up are reviews. Do you have any? Are you on social media? Can you ask your customers to leave you reviews? The more you have the better. Even if they’re negative you want to get on this guys. You need to have an online presence. Reviews help establish your authority in Google’s eyes.   Google wants to be human. It wants to know people are talking about you. Reviews help that conversation happen and make good old Google smile.

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3.   Your SEO Efforts  

Now you may not be able to control distance and you can’t guarantee  customer reviews but I won’t forgive you if you are not doing any SEO.   This is a no brainer guys. You need to be doing this 24/7. Here’s why, if you don’t I guarantee your competition is.   If that doesn’t put a fire under your ass I don’t know what will. At the end of the day this is business. The things you aren’t willing to do, others are. SEO is HUGE for Google. You need to spend time, money and energy doing this. The more SEO you have the better your chances are to pop up in a local search. It’s that simple guys.

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