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How Brands Are Closing Leads With Emotion | Treehouse 51

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How Brands Are Closing Leads With Emotion


Think about your last marketing campaign, how did it do?   Were conversions high?   Is your marketing team still talking about how effective the parts were to execute the plan?   Did you use emotion?   Maybe you should.   I’ve personally have been advocating the use of emotion for years to increase brand conversions. But what the heck does that actually mean?   Does that mean slapping a picture of a puppy on an ad and thinking you touched an emotional cord? Well… in some cases yes. Some guys, relax. I’m going to tell you the exact steps you need to take to target prospects on an emotional level.

How Brands Are Closing Leads With Emotion

1. Use Powerful Imagery  

Everyone knows what a stock photo looks like. They can see it a mile away. There’s no hiding it and guys there is no shame in it. Images have higher conversions than words. They just do. So use them.

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But imagine using images that take it to a whole new level of imagery. For instance, we sell Fast OC, SEO Services like nobodies business. If we were to create an add which one would get you picking up the phone.

Ad A: It has a business guy in an office with some text pushing the offer.

Ad B: A business owner with his family stealing a kiss from his main squeeze on the beach pushing our offer.

I think it’s fair to say Ad B will have higher conversions.

2. Tell A Story  

The reason Ad B closes more is because it tells a story.   Now this is the secret sauce to any good marketing team — Storytelling. It is an art.   You need to know how to see all the pieces and tell a story to someone who honestly has better things to do with their lives. You need to be able to see a hook and covert.

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Brands that tell stories have crazy high conversions. The reason why, they are connecting with prospects on an emotional level.   Prospects don’t just see their marketing campaign, they EXPERIENCE it.

3. Give Them An Experience  

If all you’re doing is pushing ads then you’re not doing enough.   Give your prospects an experience they will remember. Give them something to take away. Even if it’s just something small like a cool tagline. Or something crazy awesome like an infographic walking through the stages of your process.

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Give them action. Something to do. Let them experience the journey of getting to know you. Brands that provide an experience combined with powerful imagery and a story close ten times faster than those that don’t.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   Marketing isn’t easy. If it were we’d all be filthy rich. It takes time. It takes tweaks here and there. It is doable. No matter what stage you are in you can always do more and improve your marketing. We’ve guided branded at every stage of development amp up their marketing and close leads like nobodies business. If you’re interested in learning more look around our website www.Treehouse51.com we offer a ton of useful, actionable, doable tips your brand can execute today. And remember we’re just a phone call away guys.