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Google Has Penalized Your Site What’s Next?


One of the scariest feelings for webmasters is having their site penalized by search engines like Google. The sad reality is a lot of webmasters are not on top of monitoring this activity. They are the signal line of defense and have so much going on and very few have higher ups who monitor them. So when things go wrong it’s not always easy to notice right away there is a problem. Often times no one notices an issue until the monthly reports come along and the marketing team sees a dip in traffic. It looks like Google has penalized your site. So what’s next? What do you do?

Why Would Google Penalize My Site?  

Google at times is kind of an a-hole. There I said it. The list of things you can dinged for is outrageous. Here’s the thing, you can’t ignore this list. You’re website lives on Google. You either play by their rules or get sent home.

The most common reasons websites are dinged are for not being mobile friendly, having too many poor quality links pointing back to your site, not optimizing your website for SEO.

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For the first, not being mobile friendly you pretty much are or you are not. If you’re not, you have been dinged. Every day that goes by where you don’t address this issue makes the situation worse.

For the poor quality links, we recommend a website audit. This is a tedious process but getting rid of bad links is a must.

Finally for making your website SEO friendly this again can take time, but will have a positive impact that you’ll see almost instantly depending on how long your website has been live for.

How To Know If Google Penalized My Website?  

The easiest way is to jump on Google Webmaster Tools and see if you have any alerts or messages from Google. For those who don’t know, Google Webmaster Tools is a free Google tool you MUST have connected to your website. Besides all the valuable data it will provide you it will also help your SEO Game.

You jump on there and Google goes out of their way to tell you what you are doing wrong. Google wants the best content online. They want you to do well. So yes, they will tell you what the problem(s) are. Now it’s up to you to fix them.

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Measure The Damage

Every website at one point or another will get dinged. This is to be expected. What you want to do is have benchmarks and measurements in place to know how these dings are impacting your site. If you’re not tracking your data, now is the time to do so. We recommend connecting Google Analytics to your website.

What To Do If Google Penalizes My Website?  

Run for the hills. No really, I’ll drive ya. Just kidding. It’s not the end of the world. If anything this is a great opportunity to look at how you got here and how to get out.

A couple things you need to look at and remember. For starters, Google updates their algorithms all the time which means your website might not be the only one getting dinged. This is common. What does that mean to you? Well if all things are equal if you were in the same spot as your competition and you both got dinged, then nothing has changed has it?

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Audit Your Website  

No matter what type of marketing you have going on you should also have in your plan a stage of auditing your website and strategies. You want to give your marketing room to meet its goals, but you also want to make improvements.

When you learn that your website has been dinged, take this time to audit what you are doing. Maybe you’re going after poor links. Maybe your website has too many broken links on it. Maybe your website isn’t optimized correctly. The list goes on and on. Now is the time to review what you are doing.

-Treehouse 51

PS. If your website gets penalized by Google, don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world, it’s a wake-up call.   Listen to it. Take this time to review what you are doing and how you can improve your marketing strategies. For more insights into this subject feel free to visit