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Google Adwords Management Upgrade


We live in a visual world. Let’s face it, a story will never touch us as quickly as an image. The perfect design will leave you wanting more. It will be ingrained in your brain for a lifetime. The biggest tip I want to encourage you to consider with your brand is a visual User Interface aka UI. There are so many dated platforms out there and one of the oldest looking platforms is Google Adwords. You may have used it or heard of it when setting up a PPC campaign. Today we’re going to give you some history and tell you about a major upgrade coming down the pipeline.

What Is Google Adwords?  

Google Adwords is where Pay-Per-Click campaigns are managed. PPC Campaigns are used to attract business. It is the largest tool out there to gain traffic and make sells. It’s crazy powerful. Insanely useful. And very bloated with crap.

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Sorry Google, we both know this is true. Their platform design is just ugly to look at it. Don’t believe me? Look at the screenshot below with all the tabs to pick from. You would think options are good but this sits right above data. It’s just a mess.

Adword Dashboard

It’s information overkill.

Google Adwords launched back in 2001 so it’s been around a good 15 years or so. Check out   —>  Google Adwords Wikipedia to learn more fun facts about them. They are a billion dollar company with no signs of slowing down.

Every time you do a Google search you see their platform featuring a campaign. For instance, try searching, OC, SEO Services see what pops up.

This is what we get:


Google Adwords Dashboard Is A Mess

We try to avoid showing clients Adwords dashboards because of how much of a hot mess it is. Beyond the crazy amount of tabs on top, the data is just everywhere. And worst off the data is just in numbers. Boring numbers.

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The Google Adwords Management Upgrade

That was until Google recently announced an upgrade to their platform. I’m surprised they’re actually doing this. The only other platform out there that even comes close to competing with Google is Facebook and they’re still a good ten years away from cracking PPC Campaigns to really bring in business.

With that said, I respect they are taking the time to update their platform. Within the next two years, Adwords will release a newer dashboard with a better UI.

Who Will Get Access To The New Adwords?  

Adwords plans to do a soft launch and allow a select few marketers play with the dashboard before sharing it with the general public.

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Some images are online like the one below:

Adwords Tabs

I’ve pointed out the tab features being updated. Also, take notice of the cleaner design.

Which currently looks like this:

Adwords 3

That’s a screenshot from a Google Search. I added the arrows to give you an idea of where and how they organize info currently. It’s not too user-friendly, right? Get it together Google, seriously.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   All of that will change in the next 2 years. Adwords will expand to be a visual platform. This is exciting news because with new visuals no doubt will be updated tools. For now, we have to fight our way through their platform but change is coming folks. Stay strong. If you need help understanding your data reach out to us. Look around our website www.Treehouse51.com we are experts in PPC Campaigns.