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Free Tools to Make Work Life Easier

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Today get your pen and paper ready because I’m about to share 3 free tools that save you time, money and most importantly drive results. Our agency loves sharing new technology and hearing about new tools that companies are using to make their work life easier. If you have a recommendation please feel to share it with us. We’ll continue to do the same. Keep reading to find 3 free work tools we share with our clients.

Free Tools to Make Work Life Easier

1. Lastpass

How do you keep track of your username and passwords? If you are about to tell me an excel sheet, please allow me to share with you a better way. Look it up. Download it. Live it.

LastPass is an online web extension (FREE) where you can store all of your usernames and passwords in one dashboard. What our agency loves about it, is how it improves team communication. With LastPass, you can share access to private websites without comprising the passwords. Everything is secure. When you’re running a business security is vital.

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If you really want to see the perks of LastPass you need to get your team on it. The only catch to this program is you can’t share login info with non-LastPass users.


How the heck do you know if your web developer is doing their job? Did you go to school for coding? Or better yet, how the heck do you know your website is doing well? Welcome, Gtmetrix into your life. Visit their website here:

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This tool will analyze your website and determine it’s loading time. It should be noted search engines like Google give priority to websites that load quickly. It’s fairly easy to use.

Head over to the website. Type in your URL. Sit back and watch it spit out a report with a website grade followed by solutions. Oh yes, data is nothing without solutions. Gtmetrix has done a fairly solid job recommending solutions to improve your grade.

The only downside is some of the recommendation you will need a web developer to look into.


You have files you need to share but they’re too large. WeTransfer is a free service where you can send files as large as 20GB. Not too shabby. You just upload the file, add a message and send it off. Here’s a link to visit their site:

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BONUS TOOL: Look at your Gmail. Leverage your Gmail Drive. It’s a godsend. You can store files, have teams working on one file in one place. You can even share links to files without permission restrictions so you don’t have to worry about your file being tampered with.

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PS. Our Agency encourages all of you to take a step back and review how your do your day to day functions. These are just a few of the tools we recommend to improve your work life. Feel free to reach out to us, poke around at and let’s see what other tools you can utilize.