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Fast Content Amplification Triggers

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Fast. Simple. Quick. In some situations we humans don’t want to be associated with those terms, but when it comes to business, online marketing, and making money the faster the better right? Well, kind of. We are adamant about long term strategies when it comes to marketing. However today, we are going to please those instant gratification seekers. Today we are going to share Fast content Amplification Triggers that either boost SEO or / and engagement. You ready? Of course, you are let’s get to it.

3 Fast Content Amplification Triggers

1. Leave A Comment

BOOM! Did I blow your mind yet? I will. Every piece of content you create whether a blog, social post, video, Instagram image, whatever it is if you want prospects to respond to that content use this trigger. It’s not going to work 100% but if it works once it’s a success.

Why do I say that? Well, in the eyes of Search Engines and SEO the more likes you get on social media, the more online equity your website gets. You may have heard this technique called “link juice.”  ¬†Essentially, your social media accounts can be leveraged as a way to create link juice across the web.

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With this trigger post your content, whatever it may be and ask viewers to leave a comment. Now even if it’s NOT on a social platform and let’s say your blog on your website…if you have one simple requirement for posting comments ie. They have to share their email address first, well then now you’re collecting emails from interested prospects you can later remarket too.

2. Give Shoutouts ¬†

No one likes a know it all. And when it comes to marketing, business, life, in general, we’re all still growing. Yes, some may have more experience doing XYZ, but there is still always room to grow. In every field. In every way.

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When the opportunity arises give credit where credit is due. The best place to leverage this strategy is on social media. Include a little “@” sign for the person you are crediting. This will notify them of the shootout and depending on the platform will notify their followers.

What does this mean to you? FREE EXPOSURE. GOOD KARMA. You can’t go wrong with those two things backing you.

3. Know When to Post

Everything you do should be backed by solid data. Leverage that data. Track every part of your website and brand. On Treehouse 51 we have tracking devices on tracking devices. The data we collect is insane. We know who is visiting, from what server, at what time the list goes on and on and on. Good reporting and tracking is a must for every business out there.

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Check your data. Look at content over the course of 3 months / 90 days. Take note at what times users engage with your content. In other words, if you’re posting content at 4AM but you don’t get hits till 5PM switch it up.

Every website has the ability to schedule content. When it comes to social media having content around when your audience is around is a must to increase your SEO Engagement.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Keep it simple. Not everything needs to be elaborate and drawn out. Sometimes you just need to get content out there and for users to respond. Using these tips above will help you get the word out. Test them out for yourselves to see the results. If you want to know more tips poke around our website at