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Fast Actionable CTR Tricks


Goodmorrow people of the web!   Today we’re going to share the importance of simply having a powerful click through rate aka CTR.   A lot of you reading this probably have no idea what this is or the importance of a killer CTR. Today we’re giving away industry tips in what could easily turn into a OC Weekly SEO Hack, Tips, and Tricks marathon.   Sit back and enjoy guys. CTR?

Simple CTR Cheats   

Like I said above CTR stands for Click Through Rate. This is when a prospect visits your website and clicks around. Simple right?   Only recently has the importance of this skyrocketed.   Search engines like Google pay attention to your CTR.   Low CTR’s equal low Google rankings. Are you seeing the importance now? High CTR’s means higher rankings which means more website traffic for you.

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How To Boost CTR

1. Ask People To Google You

One of the most effective ways to boost your CTR is to simply  ask your current fan base to Google you.   Users from different IP addresses need to do a Google search and find you. The more that do, the more value your website will get.

The problem with this trick is it can be considered Blackhat SEO.   If you had the time and means you could pay a large group of people to search for a keyword plus your brand name in a Google search. Do this enough time and I mean like over hundred times a day for around three days tops you’ll see a HUGE jump in your rankings for that keyword.

2.   Buy Ads   

Ever notice why some brands always seem to be at the top of Google searches? It’s because  they dropped big bucks to be there. Their paid traffic lead to organic traffic. The end result, they now own a high position in a Google search.

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If you have a budget you could do the same. But be smart about it. Do your keyword research. Read our guide —>   A Noobs Guide To Keyword Research.  We have a ton of actionable SEO tricks and tips you can execute today to get some killer rankings.

3.   Copy Ads

You don’t have a budget or not ready to pull the trigger on ads. Don’t worry about it, because others have.   Google your competition and see what ads they are running. Take note of the keywords that keep popping up and infuse them into your blog posts.   Optimize your blog with these keywords.

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What’s that you say you have no idea how to optimize your blog? You’re killing me smalls. Just kidding. We have a great guide on how to optimize blogs found right here —>  How To Optimize Blogs  use this to start building some organic traffic. This is a long term strategy but it works guys. You just need to be able to hang in there.

-Treehouse 51

PS. A powerful CTR has the ability to boost your website ranking in hours. I’ve literally seen this done as quickly as 3 hours. It’s wild. It’s doable. But so what? What happens after you get that ranking? What are prospects supposed to do next? Poke around our website to see how we can help you define that process.