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Fake YouTube Views Are Costing You MONEY


I can write you a million word essay about how YouTube Marketing is the way of the future. I can have links, case studies, even design awesome YouTube images to get points across. However, if someone to film a 30-second video on the subject matter that would instantly knock out my million word essay in the eyes of consumers. Visuals, especially video are a must for any marketing strategy. Search Engines like Google LOVE IT when you’re popping out video after video. In terms of PPC Campaigns marketing on YouTube is a freaking gold mine. But did you know Fake YouTube Views Are Costing You MONEY?

Why Would Anyone Have A Fake YouTube View?  

For starters, most videos on YouTube have at least one fake view. It’s pretty much outside of our control to stop these views. The internet is infected with bots and spiders and their whole purpose in life is just to go around and F-Up data. In this case, these bots and spiders crawl videos and skew the YouTube data creating fake views.

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Why Else Would Someone Have Fake YouTube Views?  

They went on a website like and paid $5 for 10,000 YouTube views. It happens all the time. It’s easy. It’s instant gratification. You get a sense of accomplishment, the video feels like a success, people who stumble on the video look positive at the fact you have so many views. It happens, guys.

How Are Fake YouTube Views Costing You Money?

For starters, if you have a YouTube Video online and are doing marketing behind ie. PPV Campaign, then if that campaign is not properly setup you are paying for bots and spiders to view your website. Yes, you are paying for fake YouTube views.

Now, like I said before there is no real way around this. Even if you setup a campaign 100% correctly these views will still appear.

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Google and YouTube Are Charging You

The thing is YouTube and Google have wised up to this game and are discounting the views on your video but still charging you. Basically, they want to make sure viewers have a clear, honest perspective of how many views a video gets. They’re doing their best to show a true representation of this number. However, when it comes to bots if you’re paying for the traffic and technically you get the traffic then you got what you paid for. Seems sketchy right?

How To Get Around Fake YouTube Views?

Like I said before there is no way to avoid this, but you can get ahead of it. The way to do this is by creating a ton of video content. It’s a numbers game. The more video content you produce the more Google and YouTube will discontinue the fake views. Eventually, you’ll have so much content that certain IP addresses that host these bots and spiders will get blocked. Yes, I know…eventually. When will that happen right? You have to stay positive. It’ll happen.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. The best thing you can do to beat bots at their own game is to continue to produce video content. Don’t worry about the bots costing you money. Set up your campaigns as best as you can. You can reach out to us at if you need help with that. In the meantime, just keep producing videos. Search engines like Google will give your website an SEO boost, they’ll make records of the bots attacking you and eventually I guarantee they will shut those bots down. They’re already starting to block IP Addresses. There’s just so many out there, it takes time.