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Everything You Need To Know About Web 2.0


You can talk with ten different SEO, Webmaster, Marketing Gurus and ask them what Web 2.0 is and get TEN DIFFERENT ANSWERS.   Today that game ends. In basic terms Web 2.0 means using a bunch of sites to promote one main site. If executed correctly, it will give the main site a ton of Link Juice (which every website NEEDS). Today, we’re going to breakdown how to setup Web 2.0 sites, what type of content they need, and a lot – LOT MORE.

How Many  Web 2.0 Sites Should You Create?

This depends on the size of your brand. Larger sites require more web properties. In this guide, we’re going to recommend creating 5 websites, each with original content on ALL OF THEM. You can literally make a hundred versions of any of these sites and leverage them in your web 2.0 link building strategy.

What Will You Need To Setup Web 2.0 Sites?  

An email address. Now, here’s the part you want to remember do NOT use your brand’s email when setting up these accounts. For instance, we are Treehouse 51. Our contact email is It would be a HUGE mistake to create any web 2.0 property with that email.

The reason why, although this method isn’t considered a Blackhat SEO Tactic IF you go overboard with this guide you may raise some red flags and search engines could get upset with you. You want to give the appearance that the sites being created are by a third party that is a fan of your brand as this guide will explain.

Where Can I get An Email?  <— Keep it simple. It’s easy to setup and free.

Where To Find Web 2.0 Sites?  

We’re giving away the goodies today guys. Below are 5 sites that are FREE to setup, easy to use, have high domain authority and count as Web 2.0 sites.


What Do You Name Your Web 2.0 Site?

You’ll want the URL to feature a long tail targeted keyword. We recently broke down how the everyday person can do Keyword Research here —->  A Noobs Guide To Keyword Research  give it a look.

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Remember to use the WEBSITE THEME/TITLE in the site title. The Site URL should read: WEBSITE THEME/ If this option is taken on the Web 2.o site use WEBSITE THEME/

What Should The Web 2.0 Site Look Like?  

Do NOT leave it in the default theme. Pick literally any other option besides that and you’re good to go.

What Features Will Each Web 2.0 Site Need?

1.   Social Sharing Buttons.

Social media continues to grow in boosting SEO. With this strategy, there is a very high chance you will create something that can go viral. You’re going to want those social share buttons. Also, keep in the back of your head Web 2.0 is all about making everything shareable — I mentioned this above.

A)  How To Add Social Sharing Buttons to Weebly:

Go to  —->  

Social Share

  1. Select WEBSITE
  2. Select the first image with the social media icons.Sharethis - Image 2
  3. Select, “Get the code!”Sharethis - Get the code
  4. A screen may pop up asking you to create an account or sign in — create an account using the email you setup before.Sharethis - signup
  5. Two HTML codes will appear.Sharethis -codes 1

******The FIRST HTML code is will be placed on all pages and all posts.

******The SECOND HTML code will be placed in the header of the website. (This is described below)

  1. For those who haven’t setup Weebly yet just follow the screenshots:  Weebly WebsiteWeebly URL
  2. Go to Weebly — Editor — and select “Settings” tab.   Weebly Settings
  3. Open, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”
  4. In the HEADER CODE paste the SECOND HTML code
  5. Go to edit mode — The following needs to be done to EVERY PAGE and POST
  6. Select “Edit Post” — Select EMBED CODE — paste this box at the bottom of article
  7. Paste the FIRST HTML code in the Embed code box — DO THIS ON EVERY PAGE and POSTWeebly - Sharethis

Note: You may not see the code in the box and you won’t see the social icons until you publish the site.

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Check your results. You should see the social icons when the site is published.

B) How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to Webs

Webs Social Share

  1. Sign into website
  2. Click PAGES tab
  3. Select EDIT PAGE — This will be done for EVERY PAGE created start with Contact and About Us Page
  4. Select SOCIAL — this is at the bottom of screen
  5. Drag SHARE box to page.

C) How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to Blog:  

  1. Sign into Site. For those who have not created a site, it’s pretty straight forward except for one thing, their verification method is bogus. Just let it load a few seconds and you will see the code to create an account. This site is frustrating to setup so feel free to save it for last.  Webs - CodeBlogs - Username
  2. Go to Settings (this is on the left side of the dashboard the last panel)Blogs - Social Sharing
  4. Select EVERY social media icon you seeBlogs Social Settings 2
  5. Set Icon Size to 32 x 32
  6. Set Icon Position to LEFT
  7. Make sure the following are selected on Sharing Location







******Pin It******




  1. SAVE Changes

D) How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons To Tumblr:  

  1. Visit
  2. Select TUMBLRSharethis - Tumblr
  3. Select FIRST option with social media icons
  4. Select GET CODE (2 codes will appear we will use them in step 9)Sharethis - Get the code 2ShareThis - Tumblr Codes
  5. Sign into Tumblr
  6. Go to SettingsTumblr - Settings
  7. Select EDIT THEMETumblr- EditTumblr - Edit HTML
  8. Select EDIT HTML
  9. With the 2 Codes from Step 4 do the following:

Code 2 — Paste this right after <head>

Code 1 — Paste the code right before /block:date

Your screen will have code that looks like the below. Don’t let it scare you. Just giving you a heads up. Find the tags mentioned above at the very top of the code and you are golden.

Tumblr Code


  • An easy way to find these sections in the code is to Select the GEAR icon and then select “FIND AND REPLACE”. From there type in <head> and /block:date
  • Don’t erase any codes when inputting new codes. Just press enter and paste your code on a fresh new line.
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E)   How to add Social Share Buttons on WordPress:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the steps on their page — they list out simply.

2.   About Us Page and Contact Us Page

The About Us and Contact Us Page MUST be added to each site and they should:

  • Be over 500 words
  • Be 100% original content
  • Go the extra step in both sections and add a contact email address. This would be the email you created when building this site.

3.   The Blog Page

This is your bread and butter. You’ll need to create content on this page and a LOT OF IT.

  • Posts must be spaced out. Meaning post something, then wait at least 24 hours before posting the next blog.
  • Each post should be over 500 words
  • Each post should be 100% original
  • You’ll need to optimize this post. Check out our guide —->  How To Optimize Blogs  to learn how.
  • You will follow the 2 to 3 rule. Which means create 2 posts as “filler” pieces. These will be rich with keywords and relevant to your site. Then the third blog will have a link pointing and talking about your website.

4. Rinse and Repeat

This is the basic fundamentals of how to set up a Web 2.0 strategy. If you notice there are a couple other guides referenced in here. It’s not as easy as most people think, but it’s not impossible either. You’ll want to rinse and repeat this method to build that link juice for your brand.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Web 2.0 in a nutshell. The reason why we’re sharing this is because we’ve come up with A BETTER WAY to pass link Juice. Something super advance that is creating stellar results. Tomorrow we will be sharing the guide on that. Stay tuned. And if you want to learn more about us look around our website