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Does Your Website Need SEO?


Does your website need SEO?  “Last year all we got were reviews and we were ranking. This year, we’re doing influencer outreach, content creation, PPC and we’re still not on page one. What gives?” I hear this all the time. SEO was so simple before. Add a couple keywords here and there and boom you were ranking. It was so generous. Then search engines like Google cracked the hammer and made everything under the sun a ranking factor. So does your website really need SEO? Keep reading to find out.

Does Your Website Need SEO?

1. If You Do Nothing Else, To Win At SEO You’ll Need Good Backlinks

Backlinks are where it’s at. Think of them as brownie points. The more brownie points you get pointing at your website the more Google loves you. Ready for the catch? Not every brownie is tasty some are just crap. So how do you get these backlinks? It takes work. Lots of work.

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To get backlinks you can:

A) Launch an outreach program where you exchange “XYZ” for a link
B) Be a guest on a Podcast, YouTube Show, blog and make sure you get a backlink
C) Create a viral piece of content like an infographic, share it around and ask others to share it as well

2. SEO Alone Won’t Bring You Leads

Brands love SEO because of the exposure and cost. You kick ass in SEO you don’t have to spend money in other areas of marketing right? Right? Well not exactly. A few years ago, stuffing your website with keywords was all it took. Get enough of those and you were ranking. Not anymore.

When doing SEO also make sure to:

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A) Create content regularly ie blogs, videos, infographics
B) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket — launch a PPC Campaign
C) Have an objective behind the SEO. I can’t tell you how many brands I’ve seen that want to rank for this keyword or that but not really sure why. Targeting keywords isn’t the end be all move. It’s a team effort.

3. Give Your Website An SEO Audit Every 3 Months

When you launch your website ideally everything is optimized. As time goes on you publish a blog here and there. Your website requires maintenance just like a car.  Every few months you give it a checkup. With time natural wear and tear occur.  You should think of your website like this. Every 3 months schedule an audit. Make sure you’re using best practices and review your data.

Here’s the thing with data it doesn’t work if you don’t use it. Look at your top performing pages and see if you can find any trends ie topics/keywords traffic gravitates toward. Then take that info and apply to webpages that need that extra bump.

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Does your website need SEO? YES. Unless you’re completely satisfied with your business odds are it does need SEO. Be warned, SEO is unforgiving. Bad habits, cheats, hacks that will cost you rankings you may not get back for a good year. Always try to stick to best practices and always try to work at it. Set goals and hold yourself accountable to them. That is the only way you will win at SEO.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Here’s a guide to help you with your first SEO Audit. If you get stuck, don’t be a stranger.