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Do Hashtags Improve SEO?


Today’s questions comes from a prospect who has heard all the buzz about social media but just isn’t sold yet on whether it works or now. One question that popped up was the use of hashtags. Do they work? What are they? Does your brand need them? Do hashtags improve SEO? All great questions that we’re about to dive into.

Do Hashtags Improve SEO

First a little lesson — hashtags for those who don’t know look like this: #Treehouse51ROCKS! A hashtag can be anything you want. The best hashtags are those that are unique to the brand. Some hashtags like #Love #Happy get crazy amounts of search volumes on social media. Meanwhile, other hashtags such as #ThisIsTheBestHashtagEver don’t get so much. The reason why generally has to do with the length of the hashtag. A good rule of thumb is to keep them around 3-4 keywords.

1. Hashtags Brings Traffic

I mentioned above hashtags can bring you traffic. It’s true if you post something on social media new audiences who follow certain hashtags could have an eye out for you and find your content. The thing is you need to know which platform to post on. Not all social media accounts are valued the same.

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For instance, a hashtag on Yelp doesn’t mean as much as on Instagram. A hashtag on Facebook doesn’t pack the same punch as one on Tumblr. A hashtag on Google + people are still using Google +? Just kidding. But hopefully, you get my point. If you want to know which social media platform is best for you here’s a guide —>The Best Social Media Site For Your Brand

2. Hashtags Are Great Marketing Tools

What you really want to do is have your marketing team think of some unique hashtags that only speak to your brand. Once you identify those leverage them in your marketing assets.

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For instance, let’s pretend our target hashtag is #WeSEO360 okay great. The keywords are within 3. It’s different. We can make this work. Now, whatever marketing assets we build we want to slap that hashtag in the corner. We want to own that hashtag in everything we do.

Will people search for this hashtag? Maybe. Will it increase web traffic? Maybe. A lot of marketing has to do with testing and tweaking your results. You’ll never know until you try it and to be honest it might not be the hashtags fault if it doesn’t bring in the results you want…it might be the marketing.

3. Hashtags Are Clever Geo Hacks

Let’s pretend you don’t want to spend any time investing or coming up with hashtags. It happens. You want to focus on creating content and just don’t see the value in it. Well, I have a hack for you that will still bring you results. It’s geo hashtags.

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Geo hashtags are location based ie #CA #OCSEO #CASEOEXPERTS. All of these are consider GEO hashtags. What makes them so valuable? People ALWAYS tag locations. ALWAYS. Tags that feature these locations get mad traffic. Why not take ten seconds and tag your location in your content and measure those results.

-Treehouse 51

PS. I see hashtags as a tool to amp up your marketing. It’s icing on the cake. If you invest some time into it, you will see results. By the way, you already have invested time into it if you’ve done any type of keyword research. Keywords you find there can be used as hashtags. Might as well use the work you did once for several purposes. If you want to talk shop look around our website and let us know how we can help you on your next project.