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Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Hosting | Treehouse 51

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Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Hosting


Do you like saving money? Because we LOVE saving money. Today’s article will dive into dedicated servers VS cloud hosting. Which one is right for your business? One is grounded in the old ways of the web, the other is the mysterious cloud. What our team advises clients to look into will save you thousands of dollars. You ready?

What the heck is hosting?

First the basics. You have a website. It’s a template. Think of this as a file. The file needs to be stored somewhere. That’s where hosting comes in. Every website is stored on some type of hosting aka filing cabinet.

When visitors do a web search and come across your brand and decide to click inside they are essentially opening this filing cabinet where your website is stored.

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Should my website be on a server or cloud?

Most websites are hosted on servers. It is what the web was born on. We’re here to tell you if you can run from servers do so. Do so now.

Webservers Suck.

You’re paying for a piece of land that is split between a thousand other websites. Your page speed is impacted by theirs. You could have a website that’s only 50 pages yet being paying the same amount as the guy with 1,000 web pages. All with the added bonus of slower page speeds. Does that seem fair to you?

Why is the Cloud Better?

1. Search Engines Love Speed

It is a fact that search engines like Google take into account your page speed when factoring in your website value. A slower page speed will result in a slower turn up in a web search. This could obviously lead to a decline in business. Speed is everything.

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2. You only pay for the space you use

How’s that for saving money? Stop wasting your cash paying premium rates when you could be spending it elsewhere and saving cash. On the cloud, you are only charged based on the amount of traffic you receive. Pretty cool right?

3. The cloud is dedicated to you and only you.

That’s right. Your website should never be impacted by another website. Housing your website on the cloud is a dedicated piece of land just for you. It all goes back to that saying, “You get what you pay for.” Don’t throw away your money on products that don’t optimize what you are doing in the long run. That’s bad business. Look at the Cloud. Be one with the cloud. Find your CLOUD. You can do it 🙂

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-Treehouse 51

PS. You’re probably wondering if there’re any cloud services we recommend. The one we often set up clients with is DigitalOcean. Go check them out. Their prices are cheap, their services are fast, the product is solid.

PSS. Here’s a bonus tip — did you know you could optimize where your website is? That’s right. You want to setup your server as close to your business location as possible. This will boost your SEO ranking. Just a tip for the road guys. If you want to learn more feel free to reach out to us. Poke around our website www.Treehouse51.com