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Blogging For SEO


Until virtual reality takes over as our main source of discovering content, content will be King and drive search results. Specifically, blogs will determine the outcome and continue to do so for website rankings. But so what? Odds are you’ve been keeping to a steady blogging schedule. Or the very least have a newsletter that goes out every so often. What can you do to up your blogging game? How can you start blogging for SEO? All excellent questions. Today we’re going to share 5 simple rules for you to follow to increase your SEO leveraging blogs. You ready?

What Is Blogging For SEO?

Free anything will always catch the attention of prospects.   A free guide, free t-shirt, free blog filled with valuable information. You name it. Slap the word “Free” around it and you instantly have people’s attention.

The idea behind blogging is a longterm strategy. You have a website and dedicate countless hours creating content. This content is rich with keywords, images, and valuable information readers can walkaway with. Yes, you are giving away FREE information.

When it comes to SEO ideally the FREE information you are giving away has to do with your website / brand / niche. Since it’s related that means you are naturally infusing relevant keywords within your content. All of which helps SEO rankings.

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5 Simple Rules When Blogging For SEO

1. SEO Loves WordPress

Love is a strong word and in this case, true love can be seen in the eyes of search engines like Google when looking at platforms like WordPress. WordPress is an open source machine that has some many plugins allowing users to optimize their website it’s ridiculously easy.

The only catch is you don’t want to bloat your website with too many unnecessary plugins. This could slow down your website speed. We’ve also seen instances where plugins don’t play well together and have broken features of the website.

But when starting out — WordPress is the way to go.

2. Blog Often

This is the hard part for many business owners. Who has the time to run a company and blog? That’s why you outsource this task. The problem is for some businesses only YOU are the expert. How do you outsource that? It’s difficult.

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You need to find a copywriter with experience in creative writing and SEO. They will be able to hit the keywords you want to rank for and keep the blog interesting enough for readers to stay focused on the subject.

Another reason you want to blog often is because of bots. Bots give priority to websites with more content. This allows you to rank higher, faster.

3. Leverage Your Data

After a couple months of blogging, you’re noticing certain keywords get you the most traffic. Leverage this. Develop an editorial calendar around this. Write every subject you can about these keywords. Stop going after keywords that you clearly don’t rank for and never will. Go after the ones that are bringing you leads and own those keywords.

Everything you do should be based on data. In this case, using a platform like Google Analytics will help you make these smart decisions.

4. Create Links  

No matter what stage of the game you are in, if you’re not doing some type of linking you are harming your website and all your efforts. Basically linking means you write something, it gets shared, a link is directed to you.

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In most cases, this is easier said than done. Nevertheless, it is a must. You have to sit down and dedicate time, energy and even a piece of your budget to linking. The more quality links you have pointing back to your website the better.

5. Don’t Give Up

Remember when I said this is a long-term strategy? I meant it. You may not see results on your blog for months. Depending on what else you are doing this could even be as long as a year. The thing is, blogs will forever exist online and you will eventually see those results. You just need to hold the course and get to it.

-Treehouse 51

PS. I get it, you don’t have enough time in the day to blog. What do you do? You can outsource and roll the dice there. Or you can drop us a line. Check out our website take a look at the copy we have online. If you dig it, hit us up.