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Blackhat SEO Tactics That Actually Work


Sometimes it’s not that you want results you need them. If you’re going to be spending all this money on marketing and growing your business although nothing is ever written in stone, you expect to see results. You’ve very livelihood depends on it. You’ve done some research and have heard of Blackhat SEO techniques that have helped other businesses drive revenue. You can’t help but wonder…”Will Blackhat SEO work for me?” Let’s find out.

Blackhat SEO Tactics That Actually Work

Not all Blackhat SEO tactics are created equal. Search engines like Google have gone out of their way to penalize companies who use Blackhat SEO’s. But with a little know-how, there are still some strategies that a proven way to boost your website ranking and capture new leads. I’m going to share this info with you. Step by step. Get ready…because you’re about to join the Darkside of SEO.

The Darkside of SEO

You will need the following to achieve this.

  1. $30
  2. An account on
  3. 30 Days

#1 $30

This money will be used to hire an outsourcer. Now I’m not just going to give you tips on how to do this effectively I’m going to help you do this right. Make sure to keep a note of this $30 because this is a tax write off. Already, we’re playing the game in our favor.

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#2 An account on is a place where you can hire freelancers on the cheap. Any type of task you need odds are you can find someone here to accomplish it. There are many downsides to outsourcing. So here are a few traits and tricks you’ll want to be on the lookout for when hiring an outsourcer.

A) Do they communicate clearly

For the most part freelancers on Upwork are from outside the U.S. this means English isn’t their first language. Expect some broken English. Expect messages where at the start of every statement they call you, “Sir.” It’s not too bad.

You want to make sure whoever you end up hiring you can communicate with and understands what you are asking of them. Have a few back and forth messages before pulling the trigger.

B) Look at their Reviews

For the LOVE of God, don’t spend money where people have thrown money away no matter how cool their profile picture may seem. Read the reviews of other companies who have hired them and really get a sense of how they work. You’ll save yourself a ton of time and money in the long run.

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C) Have Clear Directions

This brings us to #3 #30 Days

What you will be doing is creating a job post on UpWork to hire a Local Link-Building freelancer. The job will last 30 days. The job can NOT and SHOULD NOT be completed sooner than 30 days.

Why should it last 30 days? Because if overnight you have 1,000 links pointing back to your website search engines like Google will know something is up and will ding you. Having the links spread out over 30 days will keep you under Google’s radar.

Next up, you will provide the freelancer the following directions:

A) You require 50 -100 Links pointing back to your website

B) This job will take 30 days. It can NOT be completed sooner. Spread out the links over the course of 30 days.

C) Links must come from sites with high domain authority (over 30), high page authority (over 45) and high trust authority (over 25).

D) The links must be from local websites in my area / city / state.

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E) You will require an excel sheet of all links they submit to review.

That’s it. Let them go off and work their magic. They will go off and work their magic.

How Will Link Building Impact My Website?

Search engines like Google give websites brownie points the more links they have pointing back to their website. Link building is a proven way to earn website equity.

In terms of Blackhat SEO, these tactics still work. They do. But you have to be smart about them. The above description isn’t that Blackhat. Following the rules I mentioned will keep you within the guidelines of search engines. The only real risk is the outsourcer spamming the web.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   Link building is a tedious process, but if you follow the steps above you can see a boost in traffic. However, you need to ask, “Is this the right traffic?” If you’re going to use this strategy we can’t stress enough building links locally first. That will at least help make sure you’re in the right area. If you would like to discuss more strategies please feel to reach out at