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Artificial Intelligence Runs Search Engines


Ever do a Google search, like EVER in your entire life? Were you ever curious to know how Google pulled up so much information about your string of keywords? It’s pretty damn amazing if you think about. At our fingertips, we have a world of information that would take a three lifetimes to comb through.   If you own a business you’ve probably wondered at one point of another why certain searches pop up and your don’t. Today we’re going to talk about the future of the web in a way that is groundbreaking. It has to with A.I. running search engines.

What Is RankBrain?  

In an attempt to give users a better experience on Google, Google has been working on some pretty high tech software.   One of them is a cutting edge program that has internet gurus fixated on – — it is our societies version of  Artificial Intelligence and it is running search engines.

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How Does RankBrain Work?  

It thinks.   It feels.   It speaks. Kinda. RankBrain collects information and processes and organizes it. It is designed to learn about searches to better provide information to consumers.

Okay, what the hell does that mean? Basically, it takes web searches and categorises them at a super high level.

It Is Machine Learning Technology  

Automation is the future. If you can automate something, do it. Google does. RankBrain was built to be self-automated. Meaning they programmed it and off it went to learn everything it possibly could. It has no intentions of slowing down either. The whole point of the program is to be self-taught. Self-automated.

Does RankBrain Control Search Results?  

Not exactly. It is part of the algorithm Google is using to rank web pages and websites. This list is huge guys. HUGE. SO many factors go into SEO.   Our team put together the Ultimate Ranking Factor List with over 200 Ranking factors right here —-> Ultimate Google Ranking Factor List. Give it a look if you want an edge.

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How Can I use RankBrain To My Advantage?

Pay attention to trends and facts. RankBrain is a fact. It is software that exists that works in combination to rank websites. If you want to dominate this you need to be firing on all cylinders. You need to be creating content, link building, spending money on ads, have a social media account, following best SEO practices, the list goes on and on and on.

RankBrain looks at all of your marketing efforts and places it against other brands doing the same thing. It measures who out there has the best information possible for users.   If you get anything out of this article, keep this in mind — try to provide value to consumers every chance you get. Even if it’s something as small as telling them about  Artificial Intelligence and how it’s running search engines, provide value.

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-Treehouse 51

PS.   Google doesn’t go out of their way to share this type of info. They may talk about it and have a blog here or there. But that’s it. They are looking out for consumers, not brands. They are taking measures to change of the web is structured and it’s pretty exciting. If you want to talk shop poke around website www.Treehouse51.com and let’s see how we can be one step ahead of Google.