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Advice That Most People Ignore


There is not a person on Earth who at one point didn’t they knew it all. It’s human nature. We all are movie stars in our life and at points we believe we know everything. Then life kicks us in the balls (ovaries for the ladies) and we realize just how much we have to learn. Today, we’re going to talk about advice most people ignore. Advice that we can still listen take in and live by.

Advice That Most People Ignore

1. Don’t Make Assumptions  

The unexpected is always out there. Don’t pull your hair out trying to plan for every type of situation, but keep it real. Ask smart questions and stay informed. Don’t assume the world and everyone in it is working in your best interest.

2. Stop Trying To Please Everyone

You don’t have too. You’re the star in your movie, remember? It’s your life — live it. If something doesn’t feel right, say it. If you want to chase after a dream, run. Stop living life under negative influences trying to control you. Do what makes YOU happy and go be HAPPY.

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3. No Task Is Beneath You

Hard work isn’t a bad thing. Most people fail at taking action. They find a million reasons to say no and not move forward. It doesn’t matter how much talent they have they self-sabotage.   Everyone had to start from somewhere and work their way up. Stay humble.

4. Dreams Will ALWAYS Be Dreams If You Don’t Take Action

Do you see a pattern here? Dream all you want but if you’re too scared or waiting for things to be “just right” you’ll never get there.

5. Quitting Is Failing

It is. Sorry guys. Here’s the thing you can beat yourself up about quitting or you can turn that negative into a positive. What did you learn from this? What did you get out of this? How has this helped you? There has to be some lesson to take from the situation.

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6. Some Bosses Are Assholes  

Not every person out there is a creep. Not everyone out there has good intentions. But for some reason, there are a lot of a-holes out there. That’s just life. They exist. And they are everywhere. The good news that’s all they will ever be in life an a-hole. Accept it and move on, it’s not who you are.

7.   Being Scared Is Fine

Nothing wrong with feeling uncertain and scared. If anything these feelings will keep you on your toes and help you push forward to make smart decisions.

8. Be Present

In whatever you do, be present. This means if I’m writing this blog that is all I’m doing. Yes, I have a million other things to do, but for now, this is life and where my attention is at.

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9.   Life Is Good, Not Fair

There will be times when things go South. It’s not the end of the world. That’s life. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

10. Keep Learning  

The world is changing every day. Change with it.

-Treehouse 51

Ps. Daaaaaaw this was such a positive post wasn’t it?   Yeah, it was. Sometimes that happens, guys. Treehouse 51 is about providing value every way we can. Often times our blogs are inspired out of conversations with our team, prospects, and clients. This one is no exception. Keep your head up and if you’d like to drop us a line visit