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7 Quick And Easy SEO Tips For Small Businesses


We are coming back today with another installment of OC, Weekly SEO tips.   This one comes after we meet with a prospect who asked us what they could be doing today to improve their business for tomorrow. We hear this a lot. Some brands want to do marketing but are not sure where to start. They don’t know where to focus their energy on. Today we’re going to share some quick and easy SEO Tips you can execute today and with a little luck see results tomorrow.

7 Quick And Easy SEO Tips For Small Businesses

1.   Launch A Blog

What I love about blogs is the lifespan. They exist for as long as the website is online. Which means one article you spent an hour writing has the power to bring you business three years from now. Just as long as the website is live. It’s not a bad deal. I’m sure you’re an expert in your niche and have some value you could jot down and giveaway to consumers. Do so. If you’re looking to learn how to optimize a blog check out guide —>  How To Optimize Blogs

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2.   Keep Your URL’s Simple  

Once you start creating content keep you’ll need to name your web pages. Keep the names simple. Keep them clear. Leverage longtail keywords. This is a proven way to boost organic traffic for your brand. Have the URL say exactly what the page is about.

3.   Link Internally  

Notice how above I linked to a guide I wrote?   It wasn’t just to spread value, it was to increase our link building juice. Internal link building is a killer way to boost your SEO. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s often overlooked by brands of every size. Don’t be that guy. If you have something of value and it’s relevant to what you’re doing now, link to it.

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4.   Encourage Reviews

After you kick butt in your job, ask for reviews. Ask customers to jump on Yelp, Google +, Facebook, let them you are online and to drop you guys a quick review. It makes a huge difference in terms of local SEO. Remember that most buyers will look at reviews on you before they decide to pull the trigger. Have a good cushion of these reviews and you’ll be in a good spot.

5.   Leverage PPC

If you have a budget and really want traffic, spend some money on PPC. It’s a proven way to get eyes on your  site.  Don’t go nuts and spend a ton of money, but do put some funds aside to bring people to your website to check out your work.

6.   Write Your Own Copy For Products and Services

A lot of times brands will sell a widget. Instead of creating unique content they copy and paste from the standard widget description. The problem with this is it being duplicate content. Search engines like Google hate that. If they find out you are using duplicate content you will get dinged and drop in search results.

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7.   Don’t Put All Your Eggs In Google

You need to be doing more than just marketing on Google. You need to be on social media. Going to events. Cold calling. Emailing. Sending direct mail.   If you really want to see results don’t limit yourself to only platform for success.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   You need to start somewhere. Instead of focusing on one-stop, try several lines of attack. We highly recommend measuring your efforts and tweaking to get the best results. If you need help in this area don’t be a stranger, look around our website and drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help optimize your marketing funnel.