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7 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Ad Campaign


A lot of hard work got you here. You’re days away from launching your first ad campaign but you’re not 100% sold your marketing funnel is as tight as it possibly can be. No worries, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to talk about the 7 most common overlooked marketing steps brands forget to address.

7 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Ad Campaign

1. Is Your Buyer Persona Defined?   

A buyer persona is your target audience. You may know or want everyone within a 20-mile radius to be your target audience, but that is NOT a buyer persona. You need to go deeper than that. You need to think about age, occupation, hobbies, sexuality.

The more you paint, the better your targeting will be, which in the end means a higher chance of targeting premium leads. Every part of your campaign needs to speak to your target buyer personas. If it doesn’t you need to rework your marketing assets.

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2.   Where Do Your Targets Hangout?  

After you’ve mapped out those buyer personas you should have a clear idea of a target person. Your dream client. Excellent. Now you’re ready to launch that campaign…almost. While building those buyer personas you should try to figure out where they hang out.

Are your targets on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc? It doesn’t make sense to target a platform your research suggests they are not at.

3.   Do You Have Metrics In Place?  

Everything you do needs to be measured. Everything. Otherwise, how do you know if it’s working? You don’t right? Having metrics in place helps define your goals and sets realistic expectations for your brand. Make sure to have these in place before launching your campaign.

4.   What Makes You Unique?  

Okay, you have all of your marketing assets ready to launch, but before you send them off are you sure they are true to your brand? Do they make you stand out from the crowd?

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If you need help on giving your brand some attitude read our article called —>    The Problem Is…Your Brand Is Safe.  

5.   Are Your CTA’s Clear?  

You have 10 seconds at best to capture someone’s attention, you need them to count. From the visual design to the copy — it needs to speak to them on multiple levels. Make sure you have clear, simple call to actions. If you want to take advantage of high converting CTA’s read this article —-> Top 10 Best Call To Actions.  

6.   Are You Doing A/B Testing?  

This connects with measuring. Everything you do should be data driven. It should be backed by that data to make sure you’re making the best choices you can make. When it comes to A/B testing it just means you had 2 campaigns launch with the same offer, but slightly different messaging.

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We did this for an offer and changed only one part of the copy — we peppered FREE into our landing page. The results were crazy positive. Who knew, people love free stuff…go figure 😉

7.   Are You Prepared To Give It Time?  

Don’t expect results overnight. Marketing takes testing and time. No campaign is without speedbumps. Nothing wrong with that. If you follow the steps above you’ll be in good hands. Think about it, worst case scenario you have data to play with on your next marketing campaign. This is an advantage.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   If you want help setting up your marketing campaign and making sure every part is optimized we’re here for you. Look around our website our team of marketing experts is ready to help you take your campaign to the next level.