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5 Ways Small Businesses Waste Marketing Dollars | Treehouse 51

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5 Ways Small Businesses Waste Marketing Dollars


Nothing pisses me off more than seeing money wasted. Unfortunately, it happens every day. In almost every line of business. Even so, watching small businesses burn through cash hurts my heart. I have mad respect for the entrepreneurs out there. Treehouse 51 is founded on the idea of making your own way and doing things yourself. So I repeat I respect that drive. Today we’re going to share the 5 most common ways small business owners waste their marketing dollars. Please, if you know someone who this might apply to, share it with them. Save them a couple bucks.

5 Ways Small Businesses Waste Marketing Dollars

1. Putting Too Much Faith In Social Media

You NEED to be on social media. It will boost your SEO. It will give you clout when people look you up. There is no doubt in my mind you need to be on it. In terms of driving sales, that’s another story. Social media is first and foremost, about being social. Users hate it when you try to sell them stuff, hence conversions are still relatively low for brands.

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If you’re a small business owner looking to leverage social media I recommend reading our little cheat sheet on which platform you should be focusing on first —- >  The Best Social Media Site For Your Brand.  

2. You’re Not Willing To Stick It Out   

Marketing is scary. If you’re not willing to spend 6 months on a campaign you’re not really ready to be marketing. You can’t expect campaigns to be successful after one try.   They need time to grow and evolve. You need to leverage A/B Testing. You need to make tweaks. Brands that launch campaigns and quickly can them after not seeing the results they like are throwing away mad money.

With this, there is no cure. We live in a world where people want to see results YESTERDAY. I’m going to be 100% honest with you yesterday is NOT realistic for most brands. Dive into our article where we help define some clear timeline objections for what you want to accomplish —>How Long Does Seo Take To Work.  

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3. You’re Not Tracking The Data

For the love of God, people please STOP SPENDING MONEY WITHOUT HAVING GOALS IN PLACE!!! This is so huge. Yet, brands do this all the time. They spend money without having clear objectives. How the heck do you know your plan worked if you don’t set benchmarks? That’s insane guys. You’re not ready to piss money into the wind like this. Even if you did have the money to piss away we would still advise you to put a clear plan in place.

4.   Your Marketing Is Dated

Kudos on launching a marketing plan. It’s a start. But remember you need to update it. Depending on what you’re doing this could be within a couple weeks, months, even days. Do not settle for marketing that has been in place for over a year. Heck, I wouldn’t even settle for marketing older than six months. You need to keep it fresh. You need to update your content. Tweak your messaging. Let the data guide you to the promise land.

5. You’re Spread Too Thin

Every business owner is Superman. They had a vision. They built it on long nights and cheap takeout. No one can ever take that from you. But there comes a point where you need to step aside and accept help. This is no diss to you or your ego. It’s just realistic.

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You have a business to run. You don’t have time to manage it, setup a PPC Campaign, do some OC, Local SEO tricks, create an infographic and still make it home on time to the family. Accept help guys. Never be too proud to do so.

-Treehouse 51

PS. I want you to really think about what your time means to you and your family. Is it worth being in the office every day past midnight? Is it worth trying to be an expert in every possible field? If you want a chance to have freedom and peace of mind reach out to us. Look around our website www.Treehouse51.com we have literally over 100 resources you guys can leverage. Not to mention our team is pretty damn rad.