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5 Simple Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


How the heck can you a small business compete with giant corporations that have billions of dollars ready to spend in advertising? It’s crazy right? Well what if I told you there is a way to not only compete but take them out? Would that interest you? Today’s post is about effective, actionable, smart marketing tips your small business can do today to knock out the competition and bring in new revenue.

5 Simple Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

1. Have Giveaways

It doesn’t make sense, you’re trying to make money so why give away stuff? The BEST brands in the world give stuff away for free. No strings attached. No pay me later gimmicks. They have contents, select a winner and they get a prize.

Why is this effective? First off, everyone loves free. Read this article to see what I mean —> Next up, having giveaways increases word of mouth marketing aka referrals. Referrals are the biggest source of new clients for most brands big or small.

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2. Launch A Podcast

You may not have billions of dollars to spend in marketing but you probably have around $100. With that money you could easily buy a microphone and record yourself explaining commonly asked questiosn by your propsects.

What’s great about Podcast is the value it gives your brand. Having a podcast adds an extra layer of brand trust for what you do. Plus, people hate reading. If they had an option to listen to the content instead, they might be go for it. Which is great for you.

3. Film Videos

You’ve probably heard this a million times by now but videos are a huge way to capture new leads. Just film yourself talking about a subject. Don’t make excuses, like you need great equipment, don’t have lights, etc. Get out there and film some short videos about your niche.

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Filming will do a few things for your brand. For starts, you will get a huge SEO boost. Which is good for business. Next up, your videos will reach a wider range of prospects. Which is pretty cool if you want to increase your revenue. Finally, videos can be leveraged as a way to remarket and tie in other aspects of your marketing to capture leads. Do it guys, it works.

4. Support A Cause

Want to get the word out about your brand? Support a cause. Do a charity event. Help an organization. Again this is providing value others besides yourself.

Besides getting some good karma in return you will have the chance to network and meet others who can help you brand or maybe become a customer.

Here’s a little bonus tip for causes — find them online and offer to donate some money to the following year’s event. Yes, be one year ahead. In return ask for a link to pointing back to your website. This will pass some good SEO juice your way.

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5.  ¬†Host An Event

If you’re not finding a cause to support, why not host an event? Tell everyone there’s free food, gifts, etc. Get people together in one place to start talking about you.

Be smart on your prep, reach out to local newspapers and see if you can have someone cover your story. This is a solid way to increase your SEO equity and reach new prospects.

-Treehouse 51

PS. The truth is every brand can compete with any brand big or small as long as you’re willing to do the work. Once you accept that it will take work the next step is to have a solid marketing plan. That’s where www.Treehouse51.com comes in. Reach out to us to optimize your marketing today. ¬†