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5 Shocking Email Marketing Stats | Treehouse 51

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5 Shocking Email Marketing Stats


You’re doing everything from TV Ads, to direct mail but you’re still not getting the results you want. You heard about email marketing, you put together a campaign and are moments away from launching. This is when you start thinking what should you expect to see from your email campaign? You set benchmarks and goals but realistically what the hell is going to happen once you push send. Today we’re going to share some shocking not very well known email marketing stats.

5  Shocking Email Marketing Stats

1. Over 70% Of Businesses Use Email Marketing

You are not alone. Check your spam to double check this stat. Back in 2014 a bunch of surveys were released all suggesting that over 70% of businesses in America are using email marketing or planning too. That was 2014, no doubt that number has jumped up a bit.

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2. Mobile Readers Have A Higher Conversions

You fire off that email you better optimize it for cell phones first. The reason why readers who look at an email campaign on their mobile device then jump on the computer to check it out again there  is over 35% more likely to click through your marketing funnel. 35% that’s a huge opt-in rate and better be in your KPI’s.

3.   Two Emails Are Better

You’re probably wondering how many emails to send. It wasn’t easy getting this far as it is. But now the question is how many emails do you need to pump out before you see results. Well, the lucky number is two. Send two emails a month. If you want to be clever create segments in your email funnel ie. if someone clicks a link so that it creates a second tailored email automation for them. For everyone else, don’t go crazy emailing people. Keep it simple and clean.

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4.   Email Does Better Than Direct Mail…duh

Think about it, direct mail cost money. So does email marketing. But in the long run, direct mail costs a lot more money. You have to pay the printing company, pay the mailman, pay for stamps, pay the marketing team who made the direct mail piece. God forbid if you plan on sending a follow-up direct mail piece that costs money too. Email marketing has the ability to reach thousands of prospects in under a minute for a fraction of the price.

5. Email Marketing Outperforms Tweets

You may be curious on how email marketing stacks up against social media. Well if you compare it to something like Twitter — email marketing smokes it. Simple reason why, raise your hand if you have a Twitter account. Okay, what about a Pinterest account. How about a Myspace account. How about an email account. Everyone should have their hand up for email marketing. Everyone has an email.

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-Treehouse 51

PS.   A lot of companies play it safe when it comes to email marketing. They do basic campaigns and think sending an email is what counts. There’s more to it than that. You have to think about buyer funnels. Think about follow up emails. Think about remarketing. If you’re about to send an email marketing campaign I urge you to take one extra second and make sure you have clear objectives and backups for those objectives to get the most bang out of that click. For more ideas on what to do look around our website www.Treehouse51.com