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5 Fast Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing


Whenever I chat with a prospect about email marketing I love asking the following questions…raise your hand if you have a Facebook account. Usually, everyone has their arms pointing North. I follow this zinger by asking, to raise your hand if you have a Pinterest account. A good chunk of people drop off despite Pinterest being pretty popular. Next, I ask, what about Myspace — anyone here on Myspace? What about you guys reading this, are you guys still active on Myspace? At this time, I have their attention and I bring out the big guns, what about an email account? How many of you have an email account? Eyes light up. Email marketing is a must for brands serious about marketing. Today we’re going to dive into fast ways to improve your email marketing campaign.

5 Fast Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

1. Segment Your Lists

The latest trend in marketing is something called Inbound Marketing. Basically, what it means is you create tailored marketing pieces to specific audiences. The idea is to spread consistent value and leads will come knocking on your door.   The methodology has some kinks but is also pretty effective.

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What you don’t want to be doing is emailing everyone the same content. You want to have different audiences and messages. Why? Because some leads are worth more than others.

2.   Make Your Email Mobile Friendly FIRST

Most people have smartphones and most are on the run. However, when someone gets an alert on their phone the majority of people stop and check it. When it comes to email marketing you can bet your last dollar there is a good chance they will open the message on their mobile device.

When you’re building your campaign, keep this in mind. Keep your content mobile optimized first. Assume you only have 30 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Make it count.

3.   Keep It Simple  

How many email lists are you a part of? How many have you tried to leave but just can’t? The process of opting out is like fifteen steps and not even worth it. It’s bad. Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people are subscribed to email lists they wish they never saw.

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You need to stand out from the crowd. After you optimize your messaging and layout for mobile devices, now is the time to keep everything simple. Have a clear, simple call to action. Have simple buttons pointing to the next stage for prospects to fall into. Keep it, simple folks, readers will appreciate it.

4.   Track Your Emails  

Everything you do should be tracked or else what’s the point? How do you know when something is working versus when something is a complete waste of time?

What I recommend to brands when sending out any email marketing campaign is to have two versions of one campaign. Tweak the messaging on the second campaign. Segment your list and push send. Half of the list gets campaign A, the second half gets campaign B.

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Pay attention to your open rates, look at how well users engaged with your content. This is key to success.

5. Update Your List

It doesn’t matter what email marketing platform you’re using if you keep blasting the same list over and over again and people are dropping off or not responding that’s bad for business. What you want to do is regularly go through your list and make sure the right people are there. This goes back to segmenting. It works and makes your efforts that much more effective.

-Treehouse 51

PS. We’ve been known to launch a few email campaigns here and there. We’re happy to talk shop and see how we can help you optimize your chances for success. Look around our website Really look guys, we have over 100 articles giving away marketing industry tips that you can leverage today.