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5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Sales Funnel | Treehouse 51

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5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Sales Funnel


You have prospects poking around your website — EXCELLENT. But now what? What are they supposed to do? Obviously, you want them to buy into whatever it is you’re selling but is that it? What if I told you if have two to three objectives is really the way to go to see long term success?   Would you be interested in learning more simple ways to optimize your marketing and sales funnel?   I hope so, because  today we’re going to dive into exactly that.

5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Sales Funnel

1. Upsell  

Whether you get a prospect to buy into your offer or not you should be upselling. Look the moment a prospect visits your site they are interested. But there is a ticking clock. They’re not going to spend an hour looking around EVERY deal you have.

Do a little hand holding. Point out offers, we recommend your best-selling ones, so that they have a chance to consider it. You can increase awareness by sharing these offers with pop-up forms, leveraging a newsletter, taking advantage of the right sidebar.

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2.   Leverage Referrals  

Your best sales guys are the ones you do business for. They know firsthand how you work and what to expect. They can share with other decisions makers the experience they had with you.   All of this helps to pull the trigger and capture more leads.

Make sure your customers know it’s okay to refer you. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many brands we meet with audiences that don’t take advantage of this type of marketing. Don’t be that guy. Ask your audience for help.

3.   Track and Tweak Your Data

You’ll hear us say this a million times throughout the website — DATA IS KING. The more data you have the stronger choices you can make. Don’t be afraid to make improvements based on data.

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For instance, let’s pretend you created a landing page and on it are three calls to actions placed in buttons. When you look at your data you realize only 2% of prospects are clicking the final button. Knowing this you can either attempt to improve this button by updating the copy, color, design, OR You can remove the button completely and have users funnel through the top two performing buttons. Having data like this is gold.

4.   Setup Remarketing  

You’re not going to making the sales 24/7 so instead set up a remarketing funnel to remind interested prospects why they visited your website in the first place. Remarketing is cost effective and a proven way to close sales.

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Grants, remarketing may take a good month before seeing any type of return. With brings us to our final point…

5. Stick With It

Shortcuts are great, but being a brand is a long-term strategy. You didn’t launch a company just to have a few months of success. You’re in it for the long run. You need to be willing to test your marketing and when I say test it, I mean TEST IT. Give it a good amount of time (Generally 90 Days) to see what type of impact it’s having on your business.

-Treehouse 51

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