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3 Ways To Use Old Thumb Drives


Do you remember when  pagers came out into the market? Everyone needed one and back then they weren’t as expense as a new iPhone but they definitely could set you back a few bucks.   In the business world, how many things have you bought that have become outdated? Yes, you can write this off on your taxes and salvage what you can from it, but what about the rest of the year? Do you just lock it up in the office closet and forget it? Do you toss it and move on to the next big thing? Today we’re gong to talk about Thumb Drives. Thanks to the cloud they are slowly becoming dated technology. After you read this article you’ll have a couple ideas on how to bring them back and still use them to benefit your business.

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3 Ways To Use Old Thumb Drives

1. Make Your Thumb Drive A Security Key

Security is a must in our age. We just wrote an article sharing steps on how to protect your WordPress site from attacks. You can read about it here:  Your Website Is under attack. Fight Back.

If you’re looking for that extra layer of security download a Free program like Predator and turn your USB into a PC Key. You can download Predator here.

2. Save Windows on Your Thumb Drive

The majority of computer owners own a Windows PC.   This trick is a must for them. Every piece of gear eventually crashes. If you had a backup operating system saved on a thumb drive you could reboot your computer and get back to work.

Steps to Saving Windows Operating Systems:

A) Download Windows Tool — Click Here.

B) Format Your USB. To access the image below you need to right click on your USB.

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Format USB

C) Launch the download from A follow the steps. It’ll be pretty straightforward. Just click yes a bunch of times and you’re good to go.   Follow the images below…

USB Step 1

Next, you have to select “USB Drive”

USB Step 2

Finally, select your USB


After that kick back and watch the files copy over.

D) Windows is saved on your USB.

The next time you plug in the USB it will ask you to boot up.

3. Bring Your Apps To Any PC

I have my computer just the way I want it. Nothing bugs me more than jumping on a friends PC and realizing they’re using Firefox instead of Chrome. It’s the small things that count guys. In these situations, you can download a program to your USB that will take your other programs with you and allow you to continue to work. The program we’ve had success with is PortableApps — download it here.

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-Treehouse 51

PS.   That old  technology sitting in your top desk drawer isn’t  completely  useless. There are still some advantages to bringing it back. When it comes to business yes having that cutting edge technology is awesome and will give you an advantage but keep in the back of your mind everything eventually goes outdated.

We’re not saying stop buying stuff, we’re saying hey wait a bit before tossing it. Think what would happen if your computer crashed, was hacked, or you didn’t have the right software when you needed it? These USB tricks will save you time, energy and money. To learn more tips on business reach out to us at