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3 Ways To Scale Your Business | Treehouse 51

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3 Ways To Scale Your Business


Are you starting to feel like too much is going on all at once? Success is great and being busy is good but it would appear it comes at a price. Your brand is out of control. Or worse, you’re the only one who sees how close it is to having a mind of its own. It’s a scary feeling to be the only one to know and not really sure what to do. Well, today we’re going to talk about 3 simple ways to scale your business. Hopefully, these tricks will help put your mind at ease and not end up being a bandage on a shotgun wound.

3 Ways To Scale Your Business

1. Take On Fewer Clients  

There comes a time where you can’t handle more work. There is just too much going on and you can’t successfully attend to every person’s need. Nothing wrong with that. I’m going to say that a few times in this article — NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

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When you get to a point where you can’t take on any more clients, don’t. If you’re worried about missing out on revenue you have two choices. The first expand your team. Hire more people to help with the work. The second, raise your prices.

2.   Delegate Every Chance You Get

Often the problem with owning a company is the burden of doing too much all the time and thinking that’s okay. I guess now is the time to say something is wrong with that. You don’t need to do everything 24/7. Outsource, rely on your team, stop doing work for free.

The more you can delegate the better your product will be. You can’t be everywhere 24/7 so stop trying to be. Focus on the areas that really need your attention and you’ll be golden.

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3.   Leverage Automation

Are you telling me every part of your job needs your hands in it? I doubt it. There has to be some areas you can automate. Things like email automation, social media, editorial calendars. The list goes on and on and on. Look at what your brand is doing and really ask yourself what can be automated? Once you have the answers to that, automate the hell out of it.

Look at what your brand is doing and really ask yourself what can be automated? Once you have the answers to that, automate the hell out of it.

One common objection I hear to automation is the fear of cost. It costs money to setup an email marketing campaign. Yes, it does. You need to be honest with yourself. How much is it costing you and your brand to not have these tools in place? If you could push these tasks off your time would open up to do more important things that in theory would make you more money.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. A lot of times when we meet with prospects it’s because they’re doing too much and need help. It isn’t just their need to grow. It’s their dire need to stay afloat. There’s nothing wrong with that. Remember #2 Delegate. Sometimes you just need a marketing pro to take over the workload to give you a peace of mind. That’s where we come in. Look around our website www.Treehouse51.com to see how we can help you on your next marketing campaign.