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3 Ways To Rank Ecommerce Sites


I had the pleasure of chatting with a few Ecommerce website owners and they asked some pretty good questions. Today we’re going to dive into 3 ways to rank E-commerce sites. This is actionable stuff you can do right now that will pay off. Now spoiler alert, these tips aren’t all easy, free and fast. But they do work. And if you’re looking for results this is where you should start.

3 Ways To Rank Ecommerce Sites

1. Maximize Your On page SEO

The biggest issue Ecommerce websites have is too much content ie. their products and crappy SEO. For those who don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. These are the signals implemented into your website that help prospects find you and your brand rank.

Not having these signals in the correct place or using them in the wrong fashion hurts your website rankings. When it comes to ECommerce stores so many new products added they SEO is often the last thing a person thinks about.

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If you want to improve your Ecommerce website ranking start by checking off the following for EVERY product you own:

  • Leverage Keywords
  • Place keyword in description
  • Place keyword in link
  • Place keyword in image
  • Place keyword in alt tag
  • Have a summary of product with keyword in it

Notice how we’re focusing on keywords. The idea is to target specific keywords to see results.

For a guide on how to do keyword research read here —>  A Noobs Guide To Keyword Research

2.   Not Enough Links

Links are a huge ranking factor for websites. This is no different for Ecommerce websites. You need links. You need quality links pointing back to your website. But it’s pretty damn hard to get links pointing back to your site when all you do is sell a very niche piece of let’s say clothing. So you might as well give up, right? WRONG.

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You should be on social media. You should be taking advantage of Instagram and Tumblr. Both sites have a high engagement for Ecommerce websites. Both sites are a clever way to push your product and within the description of your post have a link that others can share. Easy right? RIGHT?

If you want more advice on link building review our guide —>  The Quality Link Building Spider

3.   Use Ads

Sometimes all you need is traffic to start seeing results. After you do the above I’d recommend putting a budget aside and running some ads. People are searching for your niche they just may not know you exist. Ads will bring in traffic.

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Now the question becomes where do you place these ads, social media, Google, Bing you have a lot of options. Start with figuring out where your prospects hang out and work backward. If they are on Facebook the most, it makes sense to place ads there. Remember to test and collect all data guys.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Ecommerce websites have a huge advantage over other websites because of the amount of content they produce via their products. This is a solid opportunity  to build and rank for keywords. Leverage it. Put a place in place to target certain keywords. If you need help reach out to us, look around our marketing website and let us know what we can do for you.