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3 Things Your Marketing Team WON'T Tell You | Treehouse 51

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3 Things Your Marketing Team WON’T Tell You


Even if for some ungodly reason you don’t decide to use Treehouse 51 as your go-to marketing team we still can’t stress enough the importance of having a marketing team. Invest in this because the right group of people will bring you crazy revenue. With that said, the wrong group will cost you a ton of cash. It’s a fine balance that’s why today we’re going to talk about the 3 most common things your marketing team won’t tell you.

3 Things Your Marketing Team WON’T Tell You

1. More Content Doesn’t Mean Better Results

Thanks to places like Hubstop the trend marketers often lean toward is creating content. They even go as far as saying, “Creating Great Content.” And like that, all of your problems are solved, right? RIGHT? Wrong.

Content doesn’t mean much nowadays because in all honesty content is expected from each and every brand. We guarantee if you are not creating content on a regular basis the guy down the street is. That’s just reality.

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Really content creation needs a strategy behind it. It needs goals set in place and objectives the brand is going to reach. Without those in place, content creation won’t do much for you.

2. SEO Can NOT Be Guaranteed

But you can get pretty damn close. Here’s why it can’t. Optimizing your site, being on social, crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s is great. Keep doing that. But remember search engines like Google change what they look for in terms of ranking every few months.

Your marketing team needs to have a basic idea of what type of best practices to follow and make sure to keep to them. Guys, there is a crap load of factors that go into ranking.

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For your viewing please we went ahead and created —> The Ultimate Guide of Google Ranking Factors right here. Read it. Live it. Be it.

3.   It Takes Money To Make Money

This one is tough, but in most cases you need to have a marketing budget. You need to be willing to spend that budget regularly. I’ve chatted with business owners who think having a marketing team instantly meant they were going to get views and results.

This is not the case. You’re paying for a set of skills and talents. This is good. Now they need money to play with and more importantly test. I would never sign off just giving a team a blank check to execute their marketing plan, have them meet with you and identify clear goals.

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These goals don’t have to change the world either. It could be something as simple as increase web engagement, boost social shares, double email opt-ins. Things like that.

-Treehouse 51

PS. In most cases your marketing will take time. This is to be expected. As long as you are measuring and tweaking your campaigns you’re in good hands. Maybe down the road we’ll make a checklist for marketing teams and brands to make sure everyone is on a solid track of success. Until we do please feel free to look around our www.Treehouse51.com for marketing tips, tricks, hacks and a lot more.