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3 Things You Forgot To Do To Your Blog

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Good evening world!   Today we are going to share some common things everyone forgets to add in their blogs / articles. These are the top things brands always forget. By the end of this article take a look at the articles you are creating and make sure you can check these off your list. If you do, it will not only improve engagement across the board but also help with your SEO Rankings. Gotta love SEO right? Alright, let’s dive into 3 things you forgot to do to your blog.

3 Things You Forgot To Do To Your Blog

1. Internal Link(s)  

The internet is a funny place. You can create content, spend money on ads, network it up, but link building is still a powerful way to increase your SEO rankings. The number one thing we see brands always forget to take advantage of is internal links.

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Here’s a perfect example, we have a guide with OVER 200 Google Ranking Factors —> The Ultimate Google Ranking Factor List  give it a read. It will up your SEO game by 100%.

Now do you see what I did there? I mentioned a piece we created, leverage some keywords, and linked back to the article. This passes link juice to our content making it that much stronger. Be warned you don’t want to go crazy and have twenty internal links in your article. Ideally, keep under five links per article.

2.   Clear Call To Action

What’s the point of this blog? Well for us it’s to provide value to our readers. We don’t sell you, we just share our marketing secrets and at the end, we always mention to look around our site for more marketing tips. It works for us.

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So what’s the point of your article? Even if it’s just a simple request to follow you on social media ADD IT. Every piece of content you have out there needs an objective. Take advantage of offers big or small. It’ll make a difference in the long run and by the way, this is the second most forgotten thing blogs / articles never take advantage of.

3. Optimized Images

A common mistake you can typically find in almost every other website is the failure to optimize images. It happens. There’s no way around it. People think you just throw up a picture and you’re good to go. Well, actually not.

Before you share an image you need to make sure it’s optimized for search engines. Now this is where things get tricky. Every website has a different image output size. So you need to locate that, but once you have that do the following:

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A) Only upload the website output size

B) Add Alt Image Tags

C) Name your Images

This is stage one of optimizing your images. Make sure to do this. Failure to do so actually slows down your site speed which in turn, hurts your SEO Rankings.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Take a step back and review these three blog tips. They may seem small, but ask yourself how much content to you share? How long has it been online for? These things matter for search engines. The longer something is left online and is wrong, the more it hurts your website. Take care of it. These are actionable things you can handle right now. If you need more advice look around our website and let us know how we can help you out.