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3 Signs It's Time To Outsource | Treehouse 51

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3 Signs It’s Time To Outsource


You’ve come this far, why in the world do you need help? Well, the reality is there are a finite number of hours in a day. Although you have found a way to maximize your time, it doesn’t exactly mean it’s the best use of your time. Imagine have a few extra hours to spend it with your family, clients, on a date. Whatever your vice may be, there comes a time when you seriously need to consider outsourcing. Today we’re going to talk about the main signs your brand is ready to outsource.

3 Signs It’s Time To Outsource

1. You Work Over 40 Hours A Week

It’s pretty typical for the work week to last around 40 hours a week. If you’re pushing 40 + hours it’s time to rewind and take a step back. Ask yourself how did you get here? Take an honest look at your processes, what is taking your time away from living your life.

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Do you know there are people out there that make bank and only work 20 hours a week? How the heck did they get there? Well, they delegated their work. They looked at their business model and decided some things are worth outsourcing.

2. You’re A Small Business

One of the biggest hurdles small business owners have is not having the manpower to hire a full-time staff. They look for shortcuts like internships — free labor. The problem is, every business has funds to allocate to outsourcing. Every single one. There is no company out there that has every penny locked up 24/7.

Instead of taking those shortcuts, do some research and bring on a company / outsourcer that will give you that peace of mind. I know, I know, they will never do the job as great as you. Well, how can anyone if you don’t let them?

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3.   You’re Looking To Grow Your Brand  

If you are serious about growing your business then you need to revenue. In order to get that, you need a team to handle the workload. You can only automate so much. You can only do so much. There is no reason you should be Superman. After awhile it just doesn’t make sense.

If you’re looking to really grow your brand consider outsourcing parts of your business that don’t require your full attention. There have to be mundane parts you can pass into someone else’s hands. And be honest, there is no way you’re an expert at everything in the world. So stop trying to be. There are outsourcers out there who spend years specializing in one focus area. Let them do the heavy lifting. In the long run, they will save you money.

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