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3 Proven Ways To Get Web Traffic


Your product is good to go, your website is mobile friendly, you’ve told everyone and their mothers launch day has arrived and it was YESTERDAY. How do you get traffic? How do you get those first leads? You’ve been live on the internet for almost 24 hours why isn’t that phone ringing?!   There are only 3 ways to get traffic as a newbie on the web and I’m  going to break down each of them.

Long Term Vs Short Term Web Traffic

This is a full disclaimer — these strategies work and will fall into two categories. Long-term results and short term gratification. I highly recommend touching into both avenues since you probably don’t plan on having a business for a month but long term.

3 Proven Ways To Get Web Traffic  

1. Borrow  Web Traffic

Most of us launching a website are not Hollywood Stars nor do we have that social equity backing us up. But if we did, imagine how easy it would be to get prospects to your site. Think about it, in our society a commercial featuring a rapper has the ability to sell toothpaste if they endorse it. Someone should tell Kayne West this I hear he’s 50 Million in debt.

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Back on point, do you know any rappers? Believe it or not, you actually might.

Odds are you’re on social media, have used YouTube or read a blog online about your business niche at least once. All those sources of content are produced by someone you thought had value to share. Now would be the time to make connections with them. The simplest way I’ve seen this successfully done is through Twitter. Leave them a Tweet, talk with them. Establish a relationship.

After you’ve planted your roots, now would be the time to share some content with them or even perhaps ask them if you could interview them.

This is a long term strategy. Have at least over a dozen exchanges before going in for the kiss.

2. Attract Web Traffic  

This is also a long-term strategy. The way it works — produce content regularly. If you’re writing a blog don’t write for SEO, write for audiences. Keep it human. Just share helpful knowledge and value.

Are you noticing a trend? VALUE. Everything you do online needs to have some form of value to it. The tricky part is this value needs to be made for prospects in mind and not so much you.

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Where do you get ideas for content?

Look at those industry leaders you respect and produce your own version of their content.

3. Buy Web Traffic  

If you’re just starting out buying web traffic via PPC, Social Media, Link Building, etc is a proven way to get readers to your site. You typically need to have a bit of an SEO background to see success in this, but it’s not unheard of for the lady down the street who owns a bakery spending 50K and getting results.

Money buys everything. Thing is, just because you have Batman’s belt, doesn’t make you Batman. The lady down the street could have saved a ton of money is she had an expert in her corner.

I  recommend NOT buying traffic unless you have tools in place to capture this traffic into your sales and marketing funnel. What does that mean? Think in terms of remarketing, strong call to actions, products for them to learn more about, content to come back too.

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Final Thoughts…

We live in the era of instant  gratification.   A lot of brands get  slightly  turned off by the idea of long-term  strategies.   They want to see an immediate payoff. The reality is your first set of content produced won’t see a return for months if not years. It takes time to establish yourself as an authority. And yes, you can pay for the web traffic to get that immediate high, but you better damn have tools in place to convert them into customers.

-Treehouse 51

PS. BONUS TIP! Let’s pretend you don’t really want to take the time to build relationships on social media. Nothing wrong with that. What you could do is Google,  “Submit a guest post + Add Your Niche Here” and see what pops up. There are a kagillion sites online that accept guest blogs. This site included. Producing content for them is a solid way to expose your brand to new audiences. If you’re interested in learning more web traffic skills please don’t  hesitate  to reach out to