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3 Hidden Facebook Features


It’s surprising just how many new tools and features Facebook releases in what feels like every other month. It’s clear they have no intentions of slowing down. But with expansion comes the inevitable tools and features that get lost in development. Today we’re going to dive into some pretty cool Facebook features you never knew existed.

3 Hidden Facebook Features

1. New Messages

Facebook is all about being social. Whether you’re in OC, California or making your way down from New York — Facebook exists to connect people. Or so you would think. What if I told you there was an inbox, a hidden one that probably has at least one message a few months old waiting for you to check?   Do I have your attention yet?

Have you ever messaged someone on Facebook who wasn’t your Facebook friend? Do you think YOU’VE ever been messaged by someone who wasn’t your Facebook friend? Messages from people who are not connected to you go into this hidden inbox. If you don’t actively check it there’s a good chance you’ll miss it.

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Follow these images to check your inbox:

Find your messages…

Facebook - Messages

Select “More” then go to “Filtered”

Facebook - Messages 2

Sit back because you’re going to see a bunch of messages you didn’t know you had.

2. Take Out Apps

You can’t be on Facebook and not playing around with apps. These are typically games I’m sure you’ve seen on your news feed. Ever hear of Candy Crush? Another popular one was Mafia Wars. Yeah, those games run on apps.

Apps collect your data. What you didn’t know this? You have to read the fine print, which is hard to find. Depending on how long you’ve been on Facebook some of these apps are over 5 years old. You may not even use them anymore. They just sit there and collect data on you. Want to turn off that off?

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First, go to your Privacy Shortcut on top then select Apps.

Facebook - Privacy Setting

From here select Privacy Basics…

Facebook - Basic Privacy

Now you’ll want to pick “Apps”…

Facebook - Apps

Finally, start deleting the apps you want nothing to do with. There will be a huge grid and you just pick and remove.

3. Talk Like A Pirate

The other two hidden features had a lot of weight to them no? I mean both surrounded huge amounts of data and information that could impact you. Well to lighten the mood we’re going to share with you a fun little Facebook secret that has to do with Pirates.

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First, you’ll need to go to your privacy tab and look for languages. Scroll up to the last few tips if you’re a little lost on how to get here.

Facebook - Language 2

Once inside you’ll want to select Pirate Language.

Facebook - Language

That’s all she wrote folks!

-Treehouse 51

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