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3 Copywriting Hacks To Drive Revenue

Bird Copywriting Hack

We’ve met thousands of clients, from Stem Cell Research companies to gaming companies, to lawyers and a lot, LOT more. When we meet with them we go through an initial consultation to determine strengths and weaknesses. This is a pre-audit of where we want to take their marketing. The number one weakness we always find in brands is copywriting.

You’ve taken the time to redesign the website, to jump on Facebook, to hire new staff but for some reason copywriting just didn’t make the cut. Why would it?

Did You Know…

Writing for the internet is not like writing a research paper, email or news article? There is a formula to writing online. Consistently meeting the criteria of this formula will increase your website SEO, boost web traffic and have the power to double your revenue. The catch… you MUST be CONSISTENT.

3 Copywriting Hacks To Drive Revenue

  1. Give Prospects The Option To Say No

“Say Whaaaat?” Think about it, how much marketing are you bombarded with every day? From the moment you wake up and check your Facebook feed, to the drive to work and the toothpaste sign one brush away from looking like a porn ad, to your office day-to-day encounters with co-workers rocking the new trend of the week jacket. There’s no escape. No really, we’ve tried.

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How great would it be if you gave prospects the option to say no? We naturally tune out marketing. But if there was let’s say a marketing where you are given the option not to do it, that would stand.

For instance, try your luck on doing a survey worded as such, “We’d love it if you would share your insights on our 2015 gamer survey, but you are free to pass on the opportunity as well.” You’d be surprised the reaction you would get.

There are actually studies that show your opt-in rate will increase. It’s true. You can read about how Christopher Carpenter at Western Illinois University conducted a worldwide meta-analysis to prove this point.

  1. Have One Message and Repeat it 3 Times

If you want a prospect to really remember your product and take action, repeat it strategically 3 times. Now for this to work you need to be smooth about it. Here’s the formula:

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First, whatever piece we’re talking about, whether it’s a landing page or flyer or anything in between make sure it has one clear message on it.

Let’s pretend your company sells wireless headphones. You have a website dedicated to your brand. The meat of your website has one single message per page. This means if you are selling headphones and you want to market a software update then all that is on that page is the software update. Don’t over flood the page with all the parts of your headphone company.

Now that we have that out of the way, you’re going to want to place 3 Call to Actions on the page. These call to actions don’t have to 100% exact but they should have the same message. Ie. This software update will make your soul feel the sound. Find 3 clever ways to say that.

This is powerful because psychologically when we hear things 3 times in a consistent manner we are more likely to remember it.

  1. Why So Serious?

Back in the day, every website would stuff their website with keywords and Google would allow them to rank. But that was a long time ago in what feels like a galaxy, far, far away. Now Google only cares about the user experience.

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When you write copy ask yourself is this too bland? Is it too serious? Is it too dry? It doesn’t have to be the funniest thing ever, but for the love of God, take a minute and think about what your readers will feel when reading it. That’s it. If YOU feel nothing, guess what…they won’t feel anything either.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Copywriting is a mixture of art meeting science. Simply writing to write won’t drive revenue the way you want it too. The same goes for checking off every writing copywriting formula you can think off. There needs to be a creative balance. We love copywriting; we’ve written millions of words across the web to help brands just like you. Don’t be a stranger, fire us a message if you want to learn more.