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15 Tried And Proven Tips To Help Make Your Website Successful


It’s been awhile since we’ve shared quick and dirty hacks & tips for your website — today we’re going to change that. Reason why…I can’t tell you how many times we meet with clients and leads who ask for quick, simple fixes they can use to amplify their website. But if you’ve ever worked with a web developer you know, nothing is as easy as quick as you’d like. Except for today…except these 15 tried and proven tips. You ready?

15 Tried And Proven Tips To Help Make Your Website Successful

1. Update Your Website Imagery

Let’s be real, not every small business has a budget to revamp their entire website. So don’t. Don’t stress about saving money for months to change the design and feel of your site. Don’t be that guy. Instead, if you want to see an updated version of your website, why not try updating your imagery. That’s a cost-effective way to give your site a tune-up for leads and clients engaging with your site.

2. Install Live Chat On Your Site

We live in a world where we need information FAST. Do you really expect a customer to fill out your opt-in form to get the info they need? Do you really expect them to review your FAQ page to solve their bug? Come on, would you? If you want to increase conversions (and I mean fast) install a live chat tool. A tool where you can leverage automation and mobile communications. Sit back and watch the leads start pouring in.

3. Automate Everything You Can On Your Website

It’s Monday, you’re blogging and posting content. Now you need to share the content on social media. Okay. Then you’ll need to come back in a week or so and review analytics on the content. Hmmmm….isn’t there a simpler way to do all this? And the answer is YES! About 85% of the work you do on your site becomes repetitive. Although the content may change, the steps are the same. If you’re not seriously looking into how to automate these steps you are literally wasting time.  How much time, that is up to you. You can reach out to us, we’re here for you.

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4. Don’t Forget About Your 404 Page

This page gets so much traffic. Someone is trying to find you online and they misspell your URL and hit a 404 page. What actions do they take? Well, normally they bounce. This hurts your SEO. This costs you a lead. It’s just not the best marketing strategy. Instead, leverage that page, put offers there, put trending content your site has produced there, the very least redirect them to your homepage. Don’t lose easy traffic.

5. Get Rid Of Pages With High Bounce Rates

Some pages just don’t work. I have literally seen pages on websites where visitors are there for less than 1 second. How bad does a page have to be to not have someone stay on for 1 second? Well, pretty bad. Check your analytics and see how you can beef up your pages and stop being dragged down by pages that don’t perform well.

6. Let Your Website Data Tell You What To Do

Stop trusting your gut, look at the analytics. And make sure the data is clean. Ie have filters in place to block out your team data. Use this guide to learn how to create filters.  After you review the data look at what is trending, what gets the most visits, what do people always go to. Your homepage should be the top page. Usually is. But what’s next? Look at your top 5 pages and make some moves to leverage the traffic.

7. Test Popups On Your Website

You spent a good hour writing a killer blog. You know it will get traffic, but you also know you didn’t add any CTA (call to action) in the piece. It’s just a damn good article. We’ve all been there. Stop stressing out, add a timed popup on your site to capture traffic. I say timed because you want to qualify traffic. You don’t want someone who just shows up and isn’t interested in your product. Give them some time with your content to opt-in before showing them the popup.

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8. Try Different Forms Of Content On Your Website

I don’t have twenty minutes to read your blog. I just don’t. I’m sorry. But I have two minutes to check out your infographic. I have five minutes to watch your video. And I have an entire drive to the office to listen to your podcast. Think of you produce content and when people really pay attention to it. Try to create content that is easy for them to digest.

9.  Setup A Mailing List

Starting a mailing list is tough. You have content, but no one to share it with. That’s why you need a mailing list. You should be collecting emails at every point of your marketing funnel. With this, you can start an email campaign to get your content out there. What I love about emails is the marketplace. Raise your hand if you’re on Facebook…okay what about Myspace…we lost some people yes? What about having an email address? Ah, the hands are back. The marketplace is huge. Go for it!

10. Plan Your Marketing 3-6 Months In Advance

If you want to really amplify your marketing for your website, you need to plan at least 3-6 months in advance. Have a plan, ride it out. Give it time to succeed, fail and tweak it. This is realistic. Business owners looking for that overnight fix just aren’t serious. Marketing takes time. You need to measure everything and compare data. If you don’t you’ll miss out on what could be a really great plan.

11. Capture As Many Reviews For Your Website As You Can

Reviews are such a powerful force not only for establishing trust with your site, but strengthening your SEO. If you’re looking for ways to capture more leads you need reviews. Think of the last time you bought a product — did you make a purchase without doing any type of research? Odds are you read a few reviews that helped push you through the marketing funnel.

12. Give Your Website An SEO Audit Every 2-3 Months

Things break on your site…all the time. It’s not anyone’s fault. It just happens. Best practices for major search engines like Google suggest auditing your site every few months. Not sure where to start here? Try this SEO Audit Guide on for size. Every few months you should look at the content you’ve created and make sure it’s following best practices.

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13. Use Stronger CTA In Your Website Copy

If you want something you have to ask for it. No really, if you want traffic to opt-in ask them. Keep it simple. Keep the Call To Actions clear and simple. Trust me, buyers will appreciate you for making their decision making that much more easier for them.

14. Make Sure You Have A Team Page

We live in an era where stories run the market. So what is your story? What is your cause? Share it. Share it on your About Us page. Let customers know who you are and what you’re about. Let them get a real sense of what you bring to the table and why they would want to connect with you.

15. Don’t Be Afraid To Spend Money On PPC

The final tip of the day is marketing takes money. Sorry, guys, it does. At some point, you need to put some dollars behind your marketing. A proven way to do so is with PPC. You will get traffic. You will most likely get traffic (Assuming the campaigns are set up correctly) that is ready to buy. Put some marketing dollars aside and plan to spend some big bucks.


Today everything can be different. You just have to make a choice. I know this sounds preachy, but if you have gotten this far in it’s because you’re ready to grow your brand. You’re hungry. Let us know how we can help.


-Treehouse 51

PS. Marketing has a million and one steps to it. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need a helping hand. With that said, here’s another guide — the Basics Of Link Building to help you take your website to the next level. Good hunting!