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10 Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing Content Strategy


There’s no point blogging if no one will ever see it. It’s like spending a year on a script worthy of an Oscar yet you decide to tuck it away. People don’t just magically stumble on your content. You need to do some outreach. You need to up your marketing game and amp up your content marketing strategy. Today, we’re going to dive into 10 Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing Content Strategy.

10 Ways to Amp Up Your Marketing Content Strategy.  

1. Leverage Visuals

You know the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well in search engine eyes it’s generally worth 5 keywords max — and that’s pushing it. However when it comes to user engagement, images have the ability to take any form of content to the next level.

2. Target Based On Location  

Why are you marketing to people in China if your business is in Orange County, California? Do you sell oversea? No? Then stop marketing to them. When you post something on, for instance, social media, leverage Geotags. If you’re not sure how to set that up or looking for some tricks in that arena we have a post made just for you —->How to Use GeoTagging to Boost Traffic by 30%

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3.   Make Users Feel Special With P.M.  

Roll out new features, updates, and specials via emails to your top subscribers interested in what you do. Let them know they are getting exclusive content before everyone else. Why do this? Because they’ll promote your content for you. Word of mouth marketing.

4.   Measure Everything  

If data can be collected on any part of your business, it can be measured and improved. If you want to amp up your content marketing look at what you’ve done in the past and learn from it. Understand your data. See what you can do better to get your brand out there.

5. Provide Value  

This is a business. We get it. Treehouse 51 is a business. But remember point 4? Take a minute to Google content based on making sales vs content based on providing value. The content that provides value wins every time. It gets linked more, shared more, talked about more and ultimately drives more sales.

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6.   Make The Content Interactive  

Anytime you can give a prospect more to do besides simply read you’ll win. Have them take a quiz. It’s amazing but quizzes are a great way for users to increase engagement on sites and for you to build trust.

7.   Leverage Infographics  

Simple visuals are best nowadays. People love infographics. Make one, with some basic vectors and it’ll get noticed over the 1,000-word article. Even if the infographic SUCKS it will get noticed. Now, remember point 5 you want it to have value so if you need help in creating these visuals reach out to us.

8.   Promote Your Content  

Share it across social media. Email it to friends. Let people know it exists. So many people forget to take this step, but your best network to amp up your marketing is your immediate network. Leverage them.

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9.   Set Realistic Goals  

It would be awesome if your content was shared a million times in one week — but that might not be realistic for most brands. So don’t aim for that. Set realistic goals. Identify these goals by looking at the data you’ve collected thus far and set some benchmarks.

10.   Ask Prospects To Engage  

If I’m not looking, how am I supposed to know you need SEO Services without you saying so? You need to vocalize your objective. For instance, if you’re reading this and have more ideas to add on Tweet them to us. Something that simple make a huge difference.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Don’t let your content get lost on the internet.   Go the extra mile to amp up your strategy. Start with the data this is key. If you need help understanding the data or even mapping out a plan reach out to us. Poke around our website for more info.