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10 Conversion Tips That Work On Any Website


You asked and we heard. The past few months our agency has been pushing our clients to focus on optimizing their conversion funnels. We’re getting numerous requests to dive more into the subject and we’re givers guys 🙂 Today we are going to share 10 Conversion Tips That Work On Any Website. You ready?

10 Conversion Tips That Work On Any Website

1. Don’t Automate Your Live Chat

If you want to see an increase in engagement and ultimately conversions you need to be using Live Chat. It works. We live in an era where leads want info fast. Live chat is a proven way to give them what they want, while collecting valuable marketing data from them like their name, email and / or phone number.

But the major risk with live chat is automation. For some reason, a website can be ten years behind the trends but when they see a live chat option they think, “How can we automate this?” It’s one of the most asked requests our team gets. It is also one that we strongly discourage. Leads don’t want to talk to robots, they want a living person behind the brand guiding them through the sales funnel. Essentially, an automated live chat is just a pop-up FAQ page — no one wants that.

2.  Have Clear And Direct Calls To Actions (CTA)

You built a killer PPC landing page. You’re driving traffic to said page, but leads are bouncing. Why? Could it be a pricing issue? Could it be a bad image? Could it be weak copy? Most of the time we notice the issue has to do with missing call to actions (yes, missing).

An example of a call to action is, “Request A Quote”. It’s clear what a lead will get from this CTA. It’s also simple 3 words. We recommend keeping CTA’s to 3-5 words. Very clear. Very simple. Very direct. Design wise make sure they stand out — ie put them on a button that’s red. Something that catches people’s eyes.

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3. Leverage The “Hello Bar” / Top Portion Of Your Site — Above Your Main Menu

This tip is expert status deadly, so only use it if you’re ready to see a jump in conversions. It has to do with how your site is laid out. Take a second to think about how you engage with a website. What if the first thing you see when loading a site on a desktop or mobile device? This isn’t a trick question — it’s the top menu. That real estate is GOLD. And from what we can see it’s about 75% untapped gold — you want in?

Create a simple opt in form, GIF, or even button at the very top of your website ABOVE the main menu. Have it stand out color wise. Have it be something people will notice right away when they check into your website. Have it be on every page.

4. Make Your Products Simple To Compare

People want choices. They want options. Most buyers are shopping around and doing some research before pulling any triggers. Is that so wrong? No, of course not! We do it too. Have you ever noticed what helps in making a purchase though? Having a design in place that shows the different levels of the product makes the buyer process easier.

Keep in mind the rule of 3. Give your leads 3 different price points to consider when getting ready to make a purchase. Visually illustrate what each plan offers. Basically, you’re removing options to ask questions and removing any objections a buyer may have. They will thank you for this by opting in your offer.

5. Make Lists Whenever You Can

It doesn’t matter how long this article may end up, we know for a fact people won’t read every single word. So why format a blog like a novel? People don’t want to read novels. They visually scan pages for the information they need and from there will decide whether to dive into the content a bit further.

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Whenever possible make lists within your design and copy. Create it in a visual way so it’s easy to digest big ideas in quick small bursts.

6. Establish Credibility With Your Opt-In Process

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean you are trustworthy. In fact, millions of websites are hacked and infected with viruses. How are you taking steps to overcome this? Buyers are aware not to share private information — even sharing an email with some buyers feels uncomfortable.

Easy ways to overcome this objection are adding a testimonial section, badges, certifications, getting an SSL for your website. Items you need in order to establish your site is taking the best measures to be protected and offer protection for others.

7. Create A Marketing Plan To Capture More Reviews

I won’t even buy a toothbrush without looking at a review first. Why in the world would I opt-in to a site without their being reviews? I wouldn’t. You need to establish credibility and fast. You need to prove to the world you offer the best products and services. Capture reviews. Let your customers sell for you.

Not only can you use reviews in your marketing material, but according to Google reviews help increase SEO rankings. Get as many reviews as you can and often.

8. Give Stuff Away As “Credit” Not For Free

A lot of brands give discounts on products. That’s cool. A lot of other brands simply giveaway items for free. Okay, you lose revenue that way — but it’s one way to go and part of the cost per acquisition. How about instead of doing either of those, give a lead “Credit” they can use when buying a product of yours.

Here’s how it works, credit forces leads to only the option to use it on your website. Ideally, via an upsell. They already opt-in to offer a — then they get credit, why wouldn’t they opt-in to an upsell. Assuming it wasn’t a stretch for them? Most people would.

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9. Launch An Email Marketing Campaign

We’ve said this a million times — email marketing works. It takes time (kind of like SEO) but is very cost effective and can be automated to a point. Your website should have a few areas where people can opt-in to your email marketing chain and stay in your funnel.

Remeber the 8 – 10 rule. You do 8 things where you provide strickly value and 2 things where you sale. Email marketing is a great platform to do this in. You can capture a lead and put them in your drip funnel for years using almost the same copy with a few updates here and there based on conversion data. Try it out.

10. Use Images On Your Website That Look Like Your Dream Buyers

We design websites. We have a killer team of designers and web developers who make websites that aren’t just optimized but candidly look cool. Who doesn’t want to look cool? Who doesn’t want to look cool especially when your site is known to bring in conversions? Everyone wants this. Everyone.

Look at your website and make sure every image shows off your dream buyer. The normal guy and gal who opt-in to your offer. Have your site look like them. This is kind of like when you’re ready to buy a home and you walk into an empty house vs one that has furniture — the one that has items there has the edge. The buyer can see themselves there.


Don’t convert without measuring. Don’t launch these tactics without goals and milestones in mind. Don’t think this is all you have to do. It’s not. It’s a process. It requires testing, tweaking, and upgrading. Don’t be afraid to do all of the above.

-Treehouse 51 

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